Who Do I Channel?

I have a pool of guides whom I call the Light Circle. I have tried to be specific and name everyone I channel, but for me that is too restrictive. I have a number of regular guides, but others come in as and when they are needed and I enjoy that openness.

I am currently in regular contact with Ascended Master Kuthumi, although I have always called him Francis because he originally showed himself to me in Franciscan robes. I have a priestess I know as Lady Ava, who I see robed in blue like a priestess of Avalon, and recently Archangel Michael has been present. My Mediumship guide is Robert. There’s a great story behind our meeting and I blog about that here.

Though I have given some description and a few names here, I generally work with them more by feel. The energy of an Ascended Master or Angelic Being feels very different to someone who has recently passed, and is a real contrast to an Earth-bound spirit. In this way I can tell who and what I’m dealing with.

Names and physical descriptions are all human ways of relating to, and trying to understand these higher energies. There is nothing wrong with that, but I personally choose not to hold back new and temporary guides by becoming ‘exclusive’.

Sometimes I may give the name of a guide when I channel. Mostly, I will refer to the Light Circle, that collective source of wisdom that is always there for me.

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