Energy Reading for February 2020

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This month sees a change, a shift in energy after the heavy transformation of January. You have been travelling through a time when many have been pulled deep into their bodies, being forced to pay attention to elements of their life they had previously neglected. This time has been about grounding, transforming and going deep into what may have once been ignored. This process now shifts to another level, engaging a desire to break free of that which has restricted you in recent years and month. This desire to break free, to claim a new start, is a natural response to the challenges you have lived through. This is an emotional journey. It has its highs and lows, and your ability to let go and move forwards will strongly influence your experience of it. It is a moment of truth. Successes and consequences start to become clear.

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Win a Half Hour Tarot Reading

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In today’s giveaway, I am offering a free, half-hour tarot reading. Have you ever wanted to try tarot but not been in a position to commit the money? Or are you at a turning point in your life and would like some insight? I am an intuitive tarot reader, and come from a self-development angle, helping you understand what’s going on in your life, and how to make the most of the opportunities. Every tarot reader is different. Have a look at my readings, and you’ll get a feel for the way I work.

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Jupiter in Scorpio: Energy Reading

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Today Jupiter, the cosmic magnifier, moves from balance-led Libra into the transformational waters of Scorpio. Transformation is hardly new to us right now. In fact, Jupiter in Libra has seemed to be more about shouting down injustice than living in a state of peaceful balance. My guides, The Light Circle had this to say: At this time, as Jupiter moves into your astrological sign of Scorpio, tensions and feelings are running high. There is a great deal of emotional overwhelm at the moment, as the energies, feelings, and intuitions are flowing around you at a pace that is greater than you have previously experienced. Many of you are adjusting well, and yet this doesn’t mean the process is easy. Rather it means that you are flowing at a greater rate than you would previously have deemed possible to bear. The emotions that come with this Scorpio period will be many and varied. The experience could be anything from extreme joy to extreme sorrow. Old cycles will end and new ones will begin. As such, this will be a period of great renewal that will take you deep into your own emotional body, to experience the depths and heights that you are capable of.

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Energy Reading for October 2017, Find Your Own Moral Compass

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October is a month of contrast.
For many of you, relief and freedom will now come through change, through following the path that takes you away from the status quo and towards a new sense of security that is based not on static structure, but on the transformative fire of forwards movement. You will seek out each and every pattern that has you feeling stuck, recognising the stagnancy of the energy and the way it holds you back. Issues that have long seemed tolerable, will begin to feel impossible as you move through this energy, which is crashing through the structures that have held you unnaturally in a state of status quo.

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September Energy Reading, Build or Rebuild

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September brings a change of pace. Whereas you have been living through an explosive period of change, the time has come for focused creation of that which you wish to manifest in your life.
In September you can start to build or rebuild. You will find that progress becomes easier, more flowing, as long as you are aligned with your path and the current energetic climate. For those of you who are still fighting the changes, who still hang onto the old ways that have not served you, this time will be challenging. It will push you harder towards the change you resist, but which is embedded in your soul path and in the developmental process you chose before birth. For those who embrace the transition, you will find the opportunities will be surprising and sudden in their appearance.

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Energy Reading for June 2017, New Solutions to Old Problems

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The cards for June show a big month. With four out of four cards in the Major Arcana, we are focused very much on the Big Picture, whether global or personal. This is a karmic moment that is key on the path we came here for. One main message kept coming through, that we are undergoing a process of finding new solutions to old problems. This starts with the Hangman, a card of rising above the mundane, stepping out of the norm and looking at life from a new perspective. The Hangman suggests that whether or not we find this process comfortable, it will be a time when we are able to step into higher wisdom, to transcend patterns which have previously held us back. It suggests that we learn to observe ourselves and the world from a greater distance, to find a new place of acceptance and understanding.

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Intuitive Tarot Readings

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I offer intuitive tarot readings over Skype. There are many different ways of reading tarot, and my focus is on personal development. My readings can be used to understand a situation better, to look at your life as it is at the moment, or to explore your options going forward. Please note that I will not tell you what to do. Instead I can help you understand your choices according to the energy as it is at the moment.

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You Can Communicate With Your Pet, Too!

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Nicole Guillaume is the founder of Guiding Echoes. Her passion is to help others discover their gifts so they can lead a richly satisfying life. She is a reiki practitioner, angel communicator and tarot card reader. She has been featured in OmTimes Astrology and several other radio shows and publications. For daily inspiration, follow her on Twitter at and for free interactive readings, you can like her Facebook page at Have you ever wished you could speak to animals and figure out exactly what was on their minds? Maybe you tried to communicate with your pet telepathically, but you couldn’t pick up any information. Thankfully, that’s not the only way to speak to animals. You can speak to them using oracle or tarot cards too. A few years ago, a friend introduced me to the concept of using tarot cards to speak with animals. It seemed a little silly to me at first, but I was blown away by the accuracy of the cards when I began to test them on my own pets, and my friends’ pets, too. Once I became confident in my ability to communicate with animals using tarot cards, I set up a booth at a pet fair, and I became the most popular vendor there. I had a long line of people waiting to get a reading for their pets. I was honored and inspired to be able to be the vessel that allowed pets to communicate clearly with their pet parents for the very first time. Many people walked away from their readings with smiles on their faces, and others walked away with tears of gratitude. It was an incredible experience. In this article, I’m going to show you how you can use tarot or oracle cards to speak with animals. The best part about this spread is that you can use it for any animal. I’ve used it on cats, dogs, birds, rats, hamsters, lizards, and snakes. You might also notice that your accuracy rating is higher for pets than it is for people. I believe the reason for this is that pets don’t get sucked into games like “test the psychic.” They want a way to communicate with the people taking care of them, so they are more than happy to allow us, as animal communicators, to tap into their energy, regardless of the method we use. There is no limit to what you can learn from this simple four card spread. I use the Whimsical Tarot** for animal communication readings. In fact, I’ve dedicated this deck for that sole purpose, and I never use it for any non-animal related readings. It has a good, lovable, playful, and innocent vibe to it, which makes it a perfect match for nearly every animal I’ve ever read for. Once you’ve formulated your question, hold the deck in your hands, and focus on the question. You may even want to look at your pet while you’re doing this, or close your eyes and …

Interview with Eclectic Witch, Aaron Lozano, of Turtle Heart Tarot

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Hi Aaron, thanks for agreeing to visit The Curious Mystic today. You describe yourself as an eclectic witch. What does the term ‘witch’ mean to you?

I have never really put much thought into what the term ‘witch’ means to me. You really got me to thinking there. That is good! I guess (in my own words) a witch is a person who takes the energy from around them and manifests such wonderful things into this world.

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The Time of the Hermit: Seeking Answers Within

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With five planets currently in retrograde, I am feeling the pull to halt my journey out into the world and retreat inwards. The last few months have been wonderful, exciting, enjoyable and immensely full on. I have said yes over and over again. I have done things that terrified me and given freely of my energy. I have loved it. But now I am really seeing the shift. As I keep saying yes, I notice my body is whispering no in my ear. While I type, I can see the image of the Hermit tarot card in my minds eye. The Hermit knows wisdom is to be found within, through a connection to the divine in each and every one of us.

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