Energy Reading for September 2018

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And Breathe.  The last few months have brought change of an even higher order than you have been accustomed to.  These weeks that you have lived through have left you feeling stuck, overturned, undone and pitched forward into the unknown in a way that has terrified many. Those who considered themselves awakened have had their processess and assumptions challenged and called into question, their beliefs shaken and their patience stretched to the limit.  Many others have been pitched forward into the awakening process, or have seen this journey accelerated.  Patterns you thought long dealt with have come back up for re-examination.  Changes you thought had bedded in have come up for question and you have been left feeling adrift. Do not fight this.  This moment of being unanchored gives you a new kind of freedom, of opportunity, that you may find frightening, but which opens up your future in ways you have not anticipated.  The new normal starts here. 

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Hypnotherapy, Meditation and Sensitivity: Interview with Healer, Gary Sellors

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Hi Gary, it’s lovely to have you on The Curious Mystic. You do a very wide range of therapies, from mainstream to spiritual. How did you get into the energy side of your work?

I started getting into healing through a local crystal shop. I used to do talks there. There would be 60 people. The room was so full it was standing room only. I had to just stand in the middle and couldn’t move it was so busy. Then I got into reiki with some friends from the shop. From there it went onto crystals, chakras and psychometry.

Do you find the different therapies tie together?

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Comfort Zone: Restriction or Guide?

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The idea of being in your comfort zone conjures images of comfy slippers, sitting by the fire, and avoiding any challenging opportunities that might open your life up to something new, something challenging or exciting. But is that image out of date? I was brought up to believe it was right to push yourself out of your comfort zone. But as I’ve traveled further on my spiritual journey, that comfort instinct has begun to operate very differently.

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Living with Flow: A New Comfort Zone

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This week has seen a big shift in energy. At the Solstice we moved from the busy and sociable world of Gemini into the fluid and sensitive realm of Cancer. This is always a big change, but at the moment, with such huge energy shifts taking place, it carries particular weight. We have moved from airy thought energy into a water based, heart-centred approach. At this time it can feel as though we have been cracked open, as though we are a raw nerve, waiting to be triggered by every passing knock. On the other hand, it open us more completely to our intuitions, allowing in guidance and an opportunity to expand our connection to the Universe. Change is a major theme right now. Many people are considering new paths in life, and others are facing upheaval and cataclysmic personal shifts. Change is the most glorious and terrifying force we face in this life. It can tear our lives apart and lift us into an existence we never thought possible.

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My Weekend in a Haunted House: A Real Life Ghost Story

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I was really looking forward to the party. It was being held in a beautiful, old house in the countryside. There were thirty people coming, most of whom I knew, and we would be spending the Easter weekend together, murder mystery night, Easter egg hunt and all. I meditated in the car on the way there. I’ve stayed in enough old buildings to know that the accumulated energy makes it almost impossible for me to sleep. So this time I was determined to be prepared. The energy in the house brightened nicely, except one dark spot at the bottom of the building. Never mind, I thought to myself, there’s probably a caretaker in there preparing for us. I’ll have another go later.

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