Energy Reading for November 2019

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Themes of endings, of transformation, abound this month, making way for an edgy feel that can be experienced as either excitement or anxiety. These feelings have been building for some time but, for many, they will now be reaching a peak, a point of no return whereby some kind of change becomes necessary. This change may be welcome, it may be simply better than the alternatives, or it may be something that feels forced, or foisted upon you. Whichever the case, you are in a place of culmination, a place where the status quo is beginning to feel untenable. You may be feeling mood swings. You may be feeling a lack of trust in those around you, or those you have to rely on. You may mistrust your own judgement and your personal ability to take the next step in your life. This mental energy can feel overwhelming, so take some time to think through your self-care techniques and focus on how to channel it for your own greatest good. It can bring great rewards if you harness it and put it to good use in your own personal transformation.

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Jupiter in Scorpio: Energy Reading

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Today Jupiter, the cosmic magnifier, moves from balance-led Libra into the transformational waters of Scorpio. Transformation is hardly new to us right now. In fact, Jupiter in Libra has seemed to be more about shouting down injustice than living in a state of peaceful balance. My guides, The Light Circle had this to say: At this time, as Jupiter moves into your astrological sign of Scorpio, tensions and feelings are running high. There is a great deal of emotional overwhelm at the moment, as the energies, feelings, and intuitions are flowing around you at a pace that is greater than you have previously experienced. Many of you are adjusting well, and yet this doesn’t mean the process is easy. Rather it means that you are flowing at a greater rate than you would previously have deemed possible to bear. The emotions that come with this Scorpio period will be many and varied. The experience could be anything from extreme joy to extreme sorrow. Old cycles will end and new ones will begin. As such, this will be a period of great renewal that will take you deep into your own emotional body, to experience the depths and heights that you are capable of.

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