A Thin Slice of Heaven, Cosy Chat with author, Patricia Terrell

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The castle in A Thin Slice of Heaven is fabulously atmospheric. As someone who picks up the energy of buildings, it really ‘felt’ like a real creepy castle. Is it based on a real place? And if so, how much did the place inspire your story?

Thank you for having me here today, Martha! I am a huge fan of your work. While researching my ancestry, I made several trips to my ancestral home at Glencull, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. The area inspired the village in A Thin Slice of Heaven as well as the castle. The potato famine was inspired by a visit to the Ulster American Folk Park and Museum at Omagh, County Tyrone. Whenever I visit Ireland, I feel the energy and history there almost as if I am being transported into the past. It is truly a magical and mystical country.

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Anger – A Key to Power and Drive

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Dr Seuss has it licked in ‘The Places You’ll Go’. He knows just how self work runs. Sometimes:
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
You’re on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go.

Then come the days when:

‘you’re in a Slump, you’re not in for much fun. Un-slumping yourself is not easily done.’
Anger drives some amazing ‘slumps’. Feelings rise up and take us by surprise. How irritating is this – we just want clearing, not more rage. It’s tempting to wheel out the positive affirmations and focus on what’s good. Except that anger has so much power wrapped up in it. If we keep damping it down we lose out.

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Exploring Starseeds

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I first encountered the idea of Starseeds through Dolores Cannon. She talked about souls who had never incarnated on Earth before, coming in a wave to bring a new energy to Earth and help the Ascension process. At the time I found the idea interesting but moved on. Recently though, the subject starting coming up. I was asked to write a blog on it, people started posting about Lemurian starseed crystals, a friend brought it up with me, it was coming at me from all over the place. To me, this is a message, and so I took the bait and started digging. Much has been written about Starseeds, and there is plenty you can look up if you would like to absorb what has been said before. My personal approach is to meditate to see what is relevant for me at this particular time, and to see how it resonates with me. I got myself a lemurian starseed quartz which I love and I began to meditate on what the message was for me, and why I needed to connect to this idea.

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Hypnotherapy, Meditation and Sensitivity: Interview with Healer, Gary Sellors

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Hi Gary, it’s lovely to have you on The Curious Mystic. You do a very wide range of therapies, from mainstream to spiritual. How did you get into the energy side of your work?

I started getting into healing through a local crystal shop. I used to do talks there. There would be 60 people. The room was so full it was standing room only. I had to just stand in the middle and couldn’t move it was so busy. Then I got into reiki with some friends from the shop. From there it went onto crystals, chakras and psychometry.

Do you find the different therapies tie together?

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A Story of Past Life Work

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I’d had a week or so of heavy past life work that was leaving me with a neck and shoulder that were completely in spasm. I hadn’t found these kind of past lives in a while. It was all I got in the run up to 2012, but since then, my inner work has changed so much, and I’ve been largely free of that heaviness. Not so this week. While I was doing other things, pictures started flickering into my mind. They pop into my head much as you would remember something from your childhood, or even last week. They act like normal memories, except that I don’t know what’s coming next until I see it. Next came the grief. It wasn’t personal grief. It wasn’t triggered by anything in this life, instead it was soul grief, sadness and hurt from so many lives of suffering. It washed through me, bringing me to tears. So I cried as I worked, and I sang along to the music blaring through the speakers, singing out the pain I had held in over so many lifetimes. I sang as the energy swept through me, and left me with a feeling of catharsis. ‘Get your head down and keep going.’ The words popped so clearly into my mind. And yes, I knew in an instant that in those lives I had seen, that was all I could do. I could either give up, or I could get my head down, and keep going forwards, keep putting one foot in front of the other, and hoping that I would get through the next day intact. In the next moment (yes, it really did flow through this quickly), I realised that’s a sentiment I can still relate to. But why? I live in the first world, I have a good life, a happy life. I have no real need to get my head down and keep going, so why do I do it? Why indeed? I began to look at the way I was doing things. I would start something, an exciting project, then it would become a new part of the routine. Then I’d start another project, and that joined the queue. I’m sure you’re starting to get the picture. Somehow, all these exciting new projects became part of the burden I was carrying and felt unable to put down. It never occurred to me that I could put those burdens down. That’s the way this self-development lark goes. You keep doing something against all sense, because the way out just doesn’t occur to you at the time. Then it flashes in, in a moment of inspiration and you wonder why you didn’t realise ages ago. Why? Because you hadn’t yet learned the lesson the problem was teaching you. I needed to learn about that grief, persecution and suffering. I needed to find out what those other versions of myself had to offer me. Once I had done that, the energy could release and I …

Using Automatic Writing to Develop Intuition

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I discovered my spiritual journey through automatic writing. It began quite suddenly when I did my first meditation and saw a past life. I was a teenager at the time and found the whole thing extremely exciting. If I’m honest, I still do. I saw a moment in that life which played in my mind like a slightly fuzzy TV screen. I didn’t hear sound through my ears, but I knew what was being said because I heard everything in my mind telepathically. As with all past life work, the next stage was to work out what this meant. Why was I being shown this particular scene, and what did it mean to me. This was where the notebooks came in.

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Soul Groups: Lighting the Karmic Path

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During the course of my past-life work, I have encountered the same souls incarnating with me over and over again. Similarly, I have relatives who have passed, but whom I still feel connected to. This is because we are all part of the same soul group. At a higher level, we all work together to facilitate the learning of everyone in the group, in each lifetime. This means we have a wealth of Karmic connections, increasing the love we feel for each other, but also exaggerating our ability to push each other’s buttons and provide opportunities for learning and spiritual development.

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What Did I Do to Deserve This? Making the Most of Your Karma

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Karma has an image problem. It’s generally viewed as a punishment system. If I say mean things about you, someone will say mean things about me, and I will have been suitably chastised for my cruelty. I view Karma as something infinitely more wonderful, positive and all-encompassing. Karma is a part of our lives from before the moment of birth until long after death. It relates to our path in life and the things we came here to learn or share. It’s something we can complete and let go of, but that may not be easy, and is rarely quick. I see Karma as soul development. It is the gradual process of accumulating wisdom & experience, in order to carry it through into an Earth incarnation & fulfil our soul contract, the path we chose before birth.

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Connecting with My Soul-Sisterhood: A New Perspective on Reincarnation

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Do you feel supported on your spiritual journey? Many people have been travelling a path of spiritual development in secret, hiding it from a world they experience as judgmental. As I start to talk about my ‘real world’ I am hearing from more people who share that space, and we are able to offer each other support. That’s an amazing and eye-opening experience for me, but wonderful as it is, peer support is the tip of the iceberg. I always have support from my guides. I feel them with me all the time, whether I’m communicating with them or not. Similarly, I have contact with departed family members. They may be focused elsewhere, but I can feel them, and contact them if I choose. They are part of my group and we remain interlinked wherever we exist. Whether or not you are aware of these connections, you have them too and can call on them at any time.

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