Energy Reading for March 2019

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March is a potent month with delays, reversals, newness and changes that you would never have expected. The waters of change are washing away the old and those who try to cling onto old structures become more and more frustrated by their attempts to grasp to something that is no longer solid. The way to avoid this frustration is to come from your own inner Priestess, your place of intuition and heart guidance. If you can truly turn off the chatter of your head that fills you with incessant fear and questioning, you can find a purer message that comes only from your heart. Even if this feels obscured, keep trying for it. The messages in the way are mere fog which can serve to distract you, but the truth and the lightness is always there underneath if you reach for it.

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Energy Reading for March 2018

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The potential for psychic communication and for transformation through intuitive work is high in March. For those of you who are either used to working in the psychic realms, or are keen to begin, now is a great time to delve into your own potential, into your own fascination with your multi-dimensional self. This is a good time to work on creative projects, as your ability to tap into the streams of current energy is at a personal high. You can create easily from your inner self, and from an understanding of the energies that are current in your world. You can gain much joy from this process if you allow yourself to truly open and do not bar your process from addressing that which is deep, personal, or revealing. Through this process of creativity, much can be transformed in your own energy and in the world you create for yourself. This is a time of creative visioning, a time to ponder on the world you would like to live in over the course of the next astrological cycle. Your visions have power, strength, and the ability to manifest, so use your creative juices with care, with intention, and with joy.

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