Energy Reading November-December 2016, Live in Kindness

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This has been an incredible few weeks and this energy reading has been nagging at me in days. So I left my pre-prepared blog on the shelf and tucked into something new. It’s not easy to leap into an energy reading in this current climate. Emotions are so high and judgements are flying around with wild abandon. Please know I send you this reading with love and acceptance. I offer no judgement, and if you don’t like what I say, feel free to ignore it and move on to whatever resonates with you. The Light Circle Had this to say:

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How To Set Boundaries In Relationships

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This week I welcome guest blogger Nicole Guillaume of Guiding Echoes, intuitive, tarot card reader and healer. She comes to tell her own personal story of escaping the cycle of abusive relationships.

Nicole said: “I grew up in an abusive household. Both of my parents were narcissistic and had anger issues. It was hard to know what would set them off. They were also manipulative, controlling and very religious. Early in life, it became apparent that my brother, sister and I were simply tools that were meant to make them look good. They had little tolerance for us when we spoke our mind, asked questions or formed our own opinions that were not in alignment with their own values and beliefs.Growing up in this environment was difficult.”

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