Energy Reading for October 2019

Martha Dunlop Energy Readings, New to This, Ready for More 2 Comments

You have been living in a place of uncomfortable excess for some time. Anger has abounded and been met with ever increasing waves of conflict. Issues in the physical world have been met with an expanding instinct to numb the pain through escapism, whether it be through turning a blind eye, substance, food, or other methods. The energetic purge has been so great, that a corresponding desperation to seek comfort has offered temptations that may not be in the interest of your greatest good. The energy coming with this Autumn Equinox brings a different vibe. Instead of excess you may feel a need to take up the challenge and bring balance to your life. this may not be easy. Instead it is a challenge, a call to stand up and be counted, to call the balance back into life in both the private and public sphere.

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