Self Reflection: An Alternative to Blame

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Why is self-awareness so important? Imagine, someone is annoying you. They’ve been getting on your nerves for weeks. You know they’re just being themselves, but even though they’re not living up to your ideals, you feel judged by them and that drives you crazy. Or maybe a friend has enormous potential but they’re not fulfilling it, and the waste makes you want to cry. Perhaps someone close to you can’t see that their other half is taking advantage of them, using them or betraying them. You’re angry with this person, because they’re messing things up, and when you’re around them, your mood drops, leaving you stressed and unable to function properly. Yes, maybe you’re an empath and their energy is impacting you. Of course we pick up on other people’s negativity and limiting beliefs, and as spiritual types, we tend to put a lot of effort into protecting ourselves. But we can’t protect ourselves from our own stuff.

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Reclaiming Lost Innocence

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I was born with a belief in what I could achieve, and the knowledge that I didn’t need to follow the crowd. These are gifts I value hugely, and yet, over and over again, I have allowed life to erode them. On one occasion during a particularly difficult period, I said ‘I’ve lost my innocence.’ Now it’s time for me to take it back. Of course I will never go back to the way I was before. That wouldn’t be progress. That would involve unlearning lessons I’ve absorbed the hard way. And nobody wants to go through those again. So how do we do it? How do we reclaim the beautiful, pure gifts that we were born with, whilst maintaining the valuable learning that can unfortunately knock our confidence and our ideals?

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Soul Groups: Lighting the Karmic Path

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During the course of my past-life work, I have encountered the same souls incarnating with me over and over again. Similarly, I have relatives who have passed, but whom I still feel connected to. This is because we are all part of the same soul group. At a higher level, we all work together to facilitate the learning of everyone in the group, in each lifetime. This means we have a wealth of Karmic connections, increasing the love we feel for each other, but also exaggerating our ability to push each other’s buttons and provide opportunities for learning and spiritual development.

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What Did I Do to Deserve This? Making the Most of Your Karma

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Karma has an image problem. It’s generally viewed as a punishment system. If I say mean things about you, someone will say mean things about me, and I will have been suitably chastised for my cruelty. I view Karma as something infinitely more wonderful, positive and all-encompassing. Karma is a part of our lives from before the moment of birth until long after death. It relates to our path in life and the things we came here to learn or share. It’s something we can complete and let go of, but that may not be easy, and is rarely quick. I see Karma as soul development. It is the gradual process of accumulating wisdom & experience, in order to carry it through into an Earth incarnation & fulfil our soul contract, the path we chose before birth.

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