Energy Reading March 2020

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What are you birthing into your life right now? Blocks are disintegrating and forwards movement is becoming increasingly possible. As March opens, you are approaching a period when you have a greater ability to manifest, so take the time to focus on what you would like to create. What is the Sun that is guiding you forwards at this time? Try to put your gaze on that which you would like to bring into fruition, rather than what is leaving. This is a dynamic moment. Layers of conditioning are leaving your energy field at an increasing rate and this can give the impression of stagnation. But it is creating space for the new, which you can bring into your life if you choose. Although the shedding is unstoppable, what you usher in is of your own choosing so pick your focus wisely. It is in your power to manifest that which you do not want if you focus solely on conflict. There are many contrasting energies prevalent on Earth at this time, and you can choose what to participate in. You can recreate the loops of the past by claiming those old patterns that are trying to fall away, or you an let them go and focus in a new direction.

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