Exploring Starseeds

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I first encountered the idea of Starseeds through Dolores Cannon. She talked about souls who had never incarnated on Earth before, coming in a wave to bring a new energy to Earth and help the Ascension process. At the time I found the idea interesting but moved on. Recently though, the subject starting coming up. I was asked to write a blog on it, people started posting about Lemurian starseed crystals, a friend brought it up with me, it was coming at me from all over the place. To me, this is a message, and so I took the bait and started digging. Much has been written about Starseeds, and there is plenty you can look up if you would like to absorb what has been said before. My personal approach is to meditate to see what is relevant for me at this particular time, and to see how it resonates with me. I got myself a lemurian starseed quartz which I love and I began to meditate on what the message was for me, and why I needed to connect to this idea.

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Out of Body Experience, An Interview with Christy Sheehan

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Tell me a story. How did you get started with out of body experiences?
My earliest memory of out of body experience was when I was 4 yrs old. I would consciously awaken once I was out of my body and would fly out of my window to the front yard, where I would then fly to the top of our tall oak tree and hold on to the branches while I looked out over the city lights. All through my childhood years I did this never straying further than the front yard.

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