The Energy of Arguments

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Arguments can be essential to maintaining healthy relationships, but other times they are an excuse for someone to offload their irritation or frustration.  This week I look at what happens at an energetic level when we get into arguments, and how we can work with our own energy to reduce the impact.  I look forward to bringing you blogs on dealing with anger and guilt soon, from Psychotherapist Judith Leary-Joyce. I have had some issues with sound this week.  If the video is too quiet for you, please email me here, and I will send you an MP3 directly.   If you like my video, please do subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Comfort Zone: Restriction or Guide?

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The idea of being in your comfort zone conjures images of comfy slippers, sitting by the fire, and avoiding any challenging opportunities that might open your life up to something new, something challenging or exciting. But is that image out of date? I was brought up to believe it was right to push yourself out of your comfort zone. But as I’ve traveled further on my spiritual journey, that comfort instinct has begun to operate very differently.

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