What Is Energy Work?

Martha Dunlop New to This, Ready for More 2 Comments

I was asked this recently and it made me pause. To me, energy work is what I do, it’s what we all do when we participate in this spiritual dance with purpose and intent, but it can be done in a more conscious way than that. And I realised I don’t hear so many people talking about it. A friend recently told me she didn’t consider herself a healer, but rather an energy worker. To me, healing is a form of energy work that is focused on the body and emotions, but energy work can also be so much more than that. It can involve looking at old patterns, it can mean a process of clearing energies from people, places and institutions. It can be looking at your past in this life and others, and addressing recurring issues. Energy work can mean clearing blockages for others, helping their chakras to spin freely, helping them to raise their vibration. Or it can mean working at a global level to help raise the vibration of the planet, to help in the wake of emergencies or to focus on unity. Energy work is not bound by time or place. It can be done anywhere, at any time, and sent to the time and place it is needed. Energy work is what we, as Lightworkers, do.

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