Energy Reading November-December 2016, Live in Kindness

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This has been an incredible few weeks and this energy reading has been nagging at me in days. So I left my pre-prepared blog on the shelf and tucked into something new. It’s not easy to leap into an energy reading in this current climate. Emotions are so high and judgements are flying around with wild abandon. Please know I send you this reading with love and acceptance. I offer no judgement, and if you don’t like what I say, feel free to ignore it and move on to whatever resonates with you. The Light Circle Had this to say:

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The Allure of the Crystal Ball

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Since I was a young girl, I have had a fascination with crystals balls. The image of a Romany woman hovering her ring adorned hands over the large glass sphere set in front of her on the table, her bracelets jingling against each other as she slowly moved her fingers along the sphere’s surface, staring into the clear ball, has always been what appeared in my mind whenever I contemplated divination. There was always something mysterious and captivating about the crystal ball sitting on that table; I desired to be that Romany woman. I wanted to experience the mystical powers of the crystal ball for myself, but it seemed that I didn’t have the means to purchase one, at least not until last year.

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