Energy Reading for December

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December is a time of change, of release, of moving on. It brings an opportunity to release what you have outgrown, but issues you have avoided may also come up for examination. Strength will come up for many. Have you been tested recently on your physical or mental strength? Have you faced challenges to your health, to your ability to stand firm in your truth, or to your resilience in standing up for friends or family? Are you being shown that you need to be stronger in looking after yourself, or in looking after those around you? Whatever your challenges have been, you are being asked to move things to the next level, to find ways to turn your strength into gentle healing, to allow yourself the space to do what needs to be done in a constructive way. You can do this. You have it within you, but you need to make the choice to face your demons and find a healthier way forward.

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Energy Reading Dec-Jan, Dig Deep and Release

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From The Light Circle
2016 has been a turbulent year for your Earth planet and many are feeling the pressure. It has been a year where forces that were hidden in your society were brought out into the light to be examined and worked through. Please do not persuade yourself that these forces are new, they were there all along, hidden, festering, and now they have been brought into the light in order to be faced and transformed. This process may take time, but you have the chance now to change your society in a way that would not before have been possible, because you truly are beginning to understand what you are facing. 2016 has therefore been a year of shining the light on what needs to be done. It has triggered many people into patterns they thought long buried, but in truth, nothing can be buried, only hidden or transformed. Now it is time for the latter.

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