Interview with Eclectic Witch, Aaron Lozano, of Turtle Heart Tarot

Martha Dunlop New to This, Ready for More 4 Comments

Hi Aaron, thanks for agreeing to visit The Curious Mystic today. You describe yourself as an eclectic witch. What does the term ‘witch’ mean to you?

I have never really put much thought into what the term ‘witch’ means to me. You really got me to thinking there. That is good! I guess (in my own words) a witch is a person who takes the energy from around them and manifests such wonderful things into this world.

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Energy Clearing: Making Home a Sanctuary

Martha Dunlop How To, New to This

I have been away this weekend, staying in beautiful, old buildings. For me, that induces mixed feelings. The buildings are wonderful, but old buildings come with old energies, maybe even earth bound spirits, or ‘personalities’ as I call them.
These energies can affect me strongly. They impact my sleep and leave me feeling edgy and uncomfortable. They may even induce headaches. The answer is to clear the energy of the place. This is a key skill if you are sensitive, and/or embarking on psychic development. The more receptive you become, the more you feel the negative energies, as well as the good ones. So protect yourself, and protect the space around you.

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Protection and the Unsuspecting Empath

marthadu How To, New to This 4 Comments

Do you ever have mood swings? One minute you’re on top of the world, excited by the future, the next you’re down in the pit, feeling as though everyone is against you. Sometimes there will be a good reason for the swing. On other days it will take you completely by surprise. It took me decades to realise the catalyst for change could be the mood of the person I was with.

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