Energy Reading for March 2018

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The potential for psychic communication and for transformation through intuitive work is high in March. For those of you who are either used to working in the psychic realms, or are keen to begin, now is a great time to delve into your own potential, into your own fascination with your multi-dimensional self. This is a good time to work on creative projects, as your ability to tap into the streams of current energy is at a personal high. You can create easily from your inner self, and from an understanding of the energies that are current in your world. You can gain much joy from this process if you allow yourself to truly open and do not bar your process from addressing that which is deep, personal, or revealing. Through this process of creativity, much can be transformed in your own energy and in the world you create for yourself. This is a time of creative visioning, a time to ponder on the world you would like to live in over the course of the next astrological cycle. Your visions have power, strength, and the ability to manifest, so use your creative juices with care, with intention, and with joy.

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Energy Reading for Feb-March, Flow is your New State of Being

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‘The energies on your planet are changing at a faster rate than any of you are used to. This is proving challenging for many. ‘As people adjust to the differences in frequency, more and more negative energies are released. These are causing a split in your planet, with many descending into grief, whilst others revel in the changes taking place, and the return to a previously perceived golden age. But these energies of isolation, division and seclusion are no longer aligned with the future that you, as souls, have chosen for your planet Earth. ‘This leaves you in a process of transformation, of shifting from the old energies to the new, more aligned and lighter ways of being.

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Energy Reading Jan-Feb 2017, Believe in Your Energy

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From The Light Circle
The next month is very important as you shift from one reality to another. It is a shift in gear, if you will, a shift from self-care, to mastery, to moving forwards into a new paradigm, a new way of being, a new approach to life that will adjust with the energies that are coming through at this time. There is much fear on your Earth plane at this moment, related to developments in politics, and to the potential for conflict on a global scale. The more you buy into this fear, the more you activate the fear frequency within your own chakras, and particularly your heart and solar plexus. This activate a fear frequency within your own body and escalates conflict with those around you. My suggestion for you here, is to send love to the areas of the globe where you feel it is needed, in order to help the Earth to avoid the happenings that you fear, and that you see as detrimental to your time and development here on earth. My suggestion to you, is that you send love and you rise above, so you can contribute to the energy development as it comes to you in waves that are applicable to your own vibrational level, and are in accordance with your path on earth at this time.

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What do You Expect of Spiritual People?

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Recently I’ve read lots of posts from deeply spiritual people who feel disappointed by either the culture of spiritual gurus, or by specific people. This got to me thinking. So this week, I’ve been talking to people about what they expect from spiritual people in general, or from gurus in particular, and I’ve also been wondering about whether the concept of the guru is becoming a little outdated. In my conversations I saw a few common threads. First were the people who were disappointed by the integrity of spiritual people who were making predictions or looking for people to follow them under false pretenses of being inhumanly perfect.

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