Energy Reading for January 2019

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The potential for the new is high in this first month of 2019. This is a January with dramatic shifts that usher in the potential for change in a mindful and determined way. Whereas the eclipses of last summer brought in huge waves of change through dismantling, this set of eclipses offers you the opportunity to build, using the Capricorn energy of construction rather than deconstruction. This is a wonderful opportunity to set your intentions and to create from your heart in the way that you have so far been too afraid to do. As the Earth has been shifting, transmuting, shimmering through different timescales and realities, it has felt very destabilising. Many long-term dreams have been put off until later, when life feels more steady. This steadiness belongs to a time gone by. It would provide unstable foundations for any project launched in its image, because it is no longer of the structure of your energy, your blueprint, your path. To create something strong, you can now manifest through dynamic change and shift, through taking opportunities in the moments that they fly past you, offering you a portal to a more aligned and fast-moving timeline.

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Energy Reading for the Capricorn New Moon

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This is your moment to focus in on what really matters to you, this is your moment to push back the distractions that have been pulling you backwards and forwards like warring schoolchildren. There have been so many distractions. The energies have been intense, demanding, and full of opportunity. Each distraction held the promise of more experience, more opportunities to let go, to release and to take a step forward. You have followed these steps and walked in many different directions, but at this moment in time, this moment of power, this moment of focus, I ask you to consider where you REALLY want your steps to take you.

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