Energy Reading for August 2018

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Welcome to the new, Dear Ones. As you pass through this series of Eclipses, you travel through a wall of fire, which acts as a transformation, taking you from one reality into the next. This is a process of purification, of burning away your patterns at a faster rate than you have experienced before. It is a process of reunification between you and those you believed you had lost, linking you with your loved ones and your ancestors, dissolving the barrier between you and ‘The Other Side.’ In fact, you have always been united, but this veil has seemed insurmountable, so that many of you were unaware of the connection. Know now how much support you have. Know now that you are a part of a celestial team, raising the consciousness of the world at this time. Know now that although these energies feel challenging and raw, they are in fact a purification that leads you onwards, raises you higher into a level of consciousness that you have long awaited.

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Energy Reading for August 2017, Vision your Future

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Scroll down for audio.  From the Light Circle August is a shift month for you. As you have been travelling through the waters of cancer you have felt the flow, felt the release, felt the emotional pressure. Now in the fires of Leo, you prepare to burn up what has been left behind and discarded. This process of Ascension has led you through a challenging path in recent months and many of you are straining for something new. Now is the moment to embrace that ‘new’ if it is what you desire. The energy is in your favour, however it may not be handed to you on a plate. Instead, as the sovereign being that you are, you are being called to choose the destiny you have longed for, to set your intention and move forwards in the glow of your own light. The future is yours. The future will be what you create, and now, as the speed of manifestation increases many fold, what you desire or what you fear may be manifest faster that you could have believed possible. If you are stalling, ask yourself why. What is holding you back from what you truly desire? Do you fear change? Because change is certainly what is being offered here and for many this is seen as a frightening concept that is a disturbance of the status quo and no more. But change is the essence of where you are going. As you move further and further along this Ascension path, you are embracing a state of flow that means the static will be swept aside. Instead of sticking to that which has been before, open to new ways of doing things. Open to new joys and possibilities. Do not hold onto the safe for the sake of it, instead. Find new safety zones that nourish without restricting. This is a time of joy and excitement for those who are willing to shift, but it is a challenge for those who are stuck in an old path of resistance, and there will be many who sit in-between at different stages of their own personal journeys and moments of service to the whole. The ten of Earth tells of the end of an Earth cycle, of preparation for a new beginning in day-to-day life. This is a moment of taking stock and stepping out into the new, with the learning that has been gained from past experiences. This is not starting from scratch, but as seasoned travellers with wisdom gained, wisdom hard won through experience. The Messenger of the Earth takes you deep into the collective psyche, tapping into wisdom held in Gaia, in the collective energy and in the wisdom of the bodies you have nurtured through your lives from birth. There is much to be released in your physical structures, but there is also much to be appreciated. You should honour your bodies and the earth on which you stand, allowing yourself to be grounded and linked into …