Energy Reading for February 2018, Assimilation

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This month begins with a period of significant change, courtesy of the two eclipses. This is a time of taking a crucial step forwards, of raising your vibration, moving into a different reality and developing your own ability to manifest through focus and intention. This may feel, to some, like a period of unrest, as what no longer resonates continues to crumble. It it is a time of adjustment, a time of quiet, as the process of assimilating these energies is as powerful as the activation. Typically, in your world, you push through the change. You resist the compulsion to adjust and rather keep moving at all costs. This time of assimilation is, in fact, paramount. It is the very purpose of your current moment. During these strong adjustments, the quiet times are when you can absorb the shifts, and ensure that you are able to move forward in the most productive and aligned way for you, and for you alone.

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