Practitioners: Who would I use?

Choosing a practitioner to visit can be difficult, particularly when it comes to psychic services. You need to find someone you feel good with, who is genuine, and skilled at what they do.

On this page I will share the details of people I have used myself and had a good experience with. I hope you find them useful. Please do use the comments section at the bottom to add your own experiences.


Felina Lune Kavi is a fabulous intuitive astrologer.  I had a wonderful reading with her that I revisited several times throughout the year as I hit challenges and needed guidance. She was spot on every time.  You can find her on Facebook here. 

Sue Merlyn Farebrother, astrologer, tarot card reader and teacher. I completed a ten week Tarot course with Sue through the London School of Astrology, which I loved. I saw her reading many times and was blown away by her in-depth knowledge of the cards. She is also an astrologer and author. You can find out more about her on her website:

Varsity Witch, A Wiccan Tarot Card reader, who also teaches self-defense to abuse survivors. I have had a mini-reading which was very interesting and I really enjoyed it. It’s a great way to start if you want to try out tarot at a low cost. I’m sure the longer reading would be even better. Varsity Witch is based in the United States, but can work remotely over the Internet.

Energy Healing

If you are interested in the way I work with Reiki, please see the section on my website, or contact me for more information.

Helen Fatir, Helen is a good friend and my mentor. She is an innovative and ground breaking energy healer, who is constantly working with guides to find new ways to clear blockages and patterns from the past and move forwards towards a higher vibration life. She can also help to move ‘personalities’ (or ghosts) from your home. This can be done from a distance and is not intrusive. She runs two-day Ascension courses, where she works on a one to one basis, and looks at ways to work towards Ascension independently. Outside of workshops, Helen works remotely over Skype.

Philip Permutt is a wonderful Crystal Healer with an enormous amount of experience and plenty of books and recorded meditations to his name.  I did a fascinating interview with him about his personal experiences of crystal healing and the science behind it here.  He has a shop and healing practice in St Albans, Hertfordshire, and a website here:

Gaye Mentiply, Gaye uses Reiki, sound healing and crystal healing, and has a medical background. She also teaches Reiki and I thoroughly enjoyed all of my courses with her. Her Shop has a fabulous collection of crystals, as well as other things like singing bowls, tarot and oracle cards etc.


The Crystal Healer is a beautiful shop in St Albans that sells an enormous range of crystals as well as books, meditations and healing sessions with Philip Permutt.  If you would like to visit in person, make sure you get in touch because it’s by appointment only most days.  There is also a website with an online shop here:

Spiritwalker Crystals – This is a shop and spiritual centre with a fabulous selection of courses, including Reiki training (please see above). There is also a crystal shop with a huge range of stock including lots of beautiful jewellery and crystal carvings which are also available online through their extensive website. They have fabulous customer service, and crystals ordered online usually arrive the next day. You can find out more at their website at:

Faery Flair – This shop sells handmade gemstone jewellery on Etsy. I have been to Chrissy many times, and she has made custom items for me. She is a joy to work with, her jewellery is beautiful and she is very reasonably priced. You can visit the shop here

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