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Owning your own power

Supergirl – 50572477

September Energy Reading 

Tarot cards from the complete Arthurian Tarot
Cliff diving – 1557253
Green shoots – 7161500
Wall – 44966759

Cosy Chat with Kate Tremills 

Book Covers and head shot, copyright Kate Tremills.
Woman – 34295798

August Energy Reading 

Lion – 17928135
Tarot Cards from The Good Tarot by Collette Baron Reid
Fire – 39994531

Anger, the Key to Power and Drive, by Judith Leary-Joyce 

Cross little girl – 41144407
Head shot from Judith Leary-Joyce
Strong man – 41379840
Mother and daughter – 42625613
Notebook – 45883538
Montage of book covers, taken from Judith’s books.

The results are in: How do You Read? 

– 23797701

Energy Reading for July 

Heart chakra symbol – 12931901
Stars – 41304543
Man with dog – 27275336

The Energy of Arguments 

Woman – 24931586
People with megaphones – 30116052

Cosy Chat with Katheryn Cottam 

Image collated using her book covers.  Find her books at:

Energy Reading for June 

Tarot cards: The Hangman, Death, The Hermit, The High Priestess. The cards pictured are from the Tarot of the Hidden Realms, by Julia Jeffrey and Barbara Moore, published by Llewellyn Publications. Click here to find them on Amazon.
Hermit – 36667746Waterfall – 42151853
Blue lights – 51045028
Lightbulbs – 44100588

Using Imagination for Energy Work 

Children on roof – 54722966

Exploring Starseeds

Telescope – 72098920
– 3720329
Eye – 19115727

Imagination: How differently do we experience reading? 

Woman reading – 46674853

Self Reflection: An alternative to blame 

Cat and lion – 44381569
Man in distress – 47853769
Golden rings – 52889861
Woods – 48234592
Waterfall – 44978813

Energy Reading April-May

Tarot card pic – The cards used are from the Legacy of the Divine tarot by Ciro Marchetti, published by Llewellyn Publications,U.S.. The deck is available on Amazon.
Scales –, 46510488
Lion –, 17928135

What is Energy Work, pictures from

Cosmic spiral – 41248553
Reiki hands – 33286586
Golden dust – 44231661

Names, Labels and the Consciousness of Expansion Pictures from www.123rf

Light beings, 21639636
Colours, 10919495
Waterfall, 43119471

Energy reading for March, April 2017, Open to Opportunities 

Bird, 43609990
Girl running, 33375544
Cats, 25959426
Globe, 8903843

Health, the Body and Spiritual Awakening 

Man climbing, 36161592
Hole in the wall, 27214549
Heart in hands, 33237834

Channelling, What is it, who can do it and tips to get started. 

Woman doing yoga in front of waterfall, 35661038

Hypnotherapy, Meditation and Sensitivity: Interview with Healer, Gary Sellors 

Misty lake, 16440502
Head shot, Copyright Martha Dunlop
Fir trees in the snow, 18205620
Man with flag, 44216736

A Story of Past Life Work 

Girl, 44436973
Knights, 47034264
Girl running, 33375544

Energy Reading Feb-March, images from 

Rainforest waterfall, 43119471
Light in the forest, 14225081
Iceland waterfall, 43558737

Learning about ourselves through stories, pictures from 

Children reading, 54722901S
Woman reading, 46674853
Theatre, 44368921

Current Affairs and the Ascension, images from unless otherwise stated. 

Moon over water, 54948445
Head shot, copyright Helen Fatir
Globe, 3720329
Hole in the wall, 27214549

Kindness and Individual Responsibility, pics from 

Heart, 33237834
Hands, 44632100

Energy Reading Jan-Feb 2017, Believe in Your Energy 

Magic Lamp – 52853244
Fractured reflection – 38253971
Dream catcher – 50169852

The Blessings of Simple Gifts by guest blogger Kate Tremills 

All images are from www.123rf unless otherwise indicated

Winter bench scene – 48567710
Portrait shot copyright Kate Tremills
Rock climber – 44025704
Snowy pine trees – 18205620
Giveaway book image – 47221395
Book covers copyright Kate Tremills.

Energy Reading Dec-Jan, Dig Deep and Release

All images from
Waterfall – 42151853
Figure walking in the light – 35385164
Heart Chakra – 39169468
Autumn path – 63967103

Absorbing Happiness and Finding Peace this Advent

All pictures from unless otherwise indicated.

Red bauble – 45488257
Presents – 45224436
Advent wreath – Copyright Martha Dunlop
Blue Candles – 46447937
Snow Queen – 48434512

You Can Communicate with your Pet Too!

Kittens –, 25959426

Headshot, card layout and tarot pic – copyright Nicole Guillaume

Dalmatian and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy – copyright Murray Dunlop


Moving beyond conspiracy theory

Commuters –, 46922745

Black and white man at glass –, 47853769


Energy reading November-December

Earth hands –, 45044923

Sunset –, 39974104

Boy at window –, 20674943


The Hidden Message in Fantasy Fiction, Guest Blog by Shelley Wilson

Pictures copyright of Shelley Wilson.


Why I use the word Psychic

Fire –, 39994531

Woman –, 37539910

Presents –, 48954028


What do you expect of spiritual people?

Concert –, 46922745

Meditation –, 19112815

Crystal Balls – Copyright Murray Dunlop

Energy Reading October-November

Full Moon: Copyright Murray Dunlop

Woman on split earth –, 37959342

Full Moon over the ocean – www.123rf, ref 54948445


Reclaiming Lost Innocence

All pictures copyright of Murray Dunlop.


Guest Blog: Modern Versus Medieval Magic in the Tudor Witch Trilogy

Head shot by Anna Rybacka.

All other pictures are book covers, sold as indicated in the links.


What is Fear and How does it Serve us?

All pictures by Murray Dunlop.


Energy Reading September 2016: A Portal to Manifestation

Fairy House – , image number 27307839.

Stork flying: Copyright Murray Dunlop.


Recognise your own psychic senses.

All pictures copyright of Martha Dunlop

Comfort Zone: Restriction or Guide 

Fire and slippers – Copyright, image ref: 29766681

Eagle – Copyright Murray Dunlop


The Day my Dream Came True 

All pictures copyright Murray Dunlop


The Allure of the Crystal Ball 

Multiple crystal balls – Copyright Murray Dunlop

Head shot – Copyright Sheri Breault Kreitner

White crystal ball – Copyright Murray Dunlop

Clear Quartz crystal ball – Copyright Sheri Breault Kreitner


Survey Results: How Psychics ‘See’

Psychic Eye – Copyright: tolokonov / 123RF Stock Photo

Candle picture –, number 33788406

Flower, bird and crystals pictures by Murray Dunlop.


Developing Intuition Using Automatic Writing

Schoolgirl reading – Copyright: peshkov / 123RF Stock Photo

Girl with telescope – Copyright: halfpoint / 123RF Stock Photo


The Real World of Fictional Characters 

Boy Reading – Copyright: konradbak / 123RF Stock Photo

Book and Leopard – Copyright: veneratio / 123RF Stock Photo


Interview with Eclectic Witch Aaron Lozano, of Turtle Heart Tarot

Turtle – Copyright: cookelma / 123RF Stock Photo

Tarot – Copyright: Darla / 123RF Stock Photo

White candles – Copyright: sandralise / 123RF Stock Photo


Working with Energy Outside of Time

Sand Copyright: solerf / 123RF Stock Photo

Grid – Copyright: mrspopman / 123RF Stock Photo


Let’s Manifest: Create the World You Want 

World and comet – Copyright: johanswan / 123RF Stock Photo

Rainbow – Copyright: pongmoji / 123RF Stock Photo


Living with Flow : A New Comfort Zone

Zodiac – Copyright: scottff72 / 123RF Stock Photo

Woman with paint – Copyright: alphaspirit / 123RF Stock Photo


The Alchemy of Creation

All pictures copyright of


Self Care: Serenity in a Chaotic World

Man in field – Copyright: fotomaximum / 123RF Stock Photo

The Sun – Copyright: karandaev / 123RF Stock Photo


Avalon: Myth, Magic & the Divine Feminine

Misty lake – Copyright: veneratio / 123RF Stock Photo

Glastonbury – Copyright: capturelight / 123RF Stock Photo


Facing the Fear: Dealing with Crisis

Meditation – Copyright: belitas / 123RF Stock Photo

Woman – Copyright: fmarsicano / 123RF Stock Photo


Psychic Collaboration: A Spiritual Adventure

Pilgrims – Copyright: mohnd / 123RF Stock Photo

Tarot – Copyright: Darla / 123RF Stock Photo


Sensitivity: Weakness or Superpower

Superhero Copyright: alphaspirit / 123RF Stock Photo

Reiki hands– Copyright: nikkized / 123RF Stock Photo


The Time of the Hermit: Seeking Answers Within

Hermit – Copyright: captblack76 / 123RF Stock PhotoCopyright: captblack76 / 123RF Stock Photo

Fire dragons – Copyright: artshock / 123RF Stock Photo


Reality and Fantasy: Do We All See the same?

Woman on trapeze: Copyright: chaoss / 123RF Stock Photo

Fairy tree: Copyright: egal / 123RF Stock Photo

Angel wings: Copyright: nikkized / 123RF Stock Photo


Authenticity: A Call to Live from the Heart

All pictures copyright: Murray Dunlop


How to Set Boundaries in Relationships, by Nicole Guillaume

Boundaries – Copyright: kmitu / 123RF Stock Photo

Lonely girl on cliff – Copyright: kmitu / 123RF Stock Photo

Earth hands – Copyright: photosil / 123RF Stock Photo


Synchronicities: Messages from the Universe

Statues – Copyright Anthony Leary-White from

Bargaining – Copyright Anthony Leary-White from

Saraswati – Copyright Murray Dunlop

Indian Street – Copyright Anthony Leary-White from

Market Stall – Copyright Anthony Leary-White from

Energy Clearing: Making Home a Sanctuary

Sage and Amethyst: Copyright Murray Dunlop

Singing Bowl: Copyright Murray Dunlop

Candle and Quartz Point: Copyright Murray Dunlop


Soul Groups: Lighting the Karmic Path:

Family on beach – Copyright: dmbaker / 123RF Stock Photo

Coloured light – Copyright: Krisdog / 123RF Stock Photo


Have I been here before? Reincarnation and Personal Development

Paintbrushes – Copyright: chamillewhite / 123RF Stock Photo

Two heads – Copyright: thefinalmiracle / 123RF Stock Photo


Parallel Lives: A World of Infinite Realities

Abstract circles – Copyright: sakkmesterke / 123RF Stock Photo

Sign-post – Copyright: darrenwhi / 123RF Stock Photo


Cord Cutting: A Key to Letting Go

Beach – Copyright: silvae / 123RF Stock Photo

Cord – Copyright: frankrohde / 123RF Stock

Woman flattened by baggage – Copyright: quintanilla / 123RF Stock Photo


Self-Esteem: Breaking the Pattern of Self-Disbelief

Universe: Copyright: forplayday / 123RF Stock Photo

Mirror: Copyright: tommasolizzul / 123RF Stock Photo


My Weekend in a Haunted House: A Real Life Ghost Story

Stairs – Copyright: striker72 / 123RF Stock Photo

Curving road – Copyright: raduto / 123RF Stock Photo

Light – Copyright: myrtilleshop / 123RF Stock Photo


Valentine’s Day: Love Beyond the Flowers

Couple looking at sunset, Copyright: maximkabb / 123RF Stock Photo

Hearts on the beach, Copyright: nemosdad / 123RF Stock Photo


What Did I do to Deserve this? Making the Most of your Karma

Road, Copyright: jordygraph / 123RF Stock Photo

Earth hands, Copyright: solerf / 123RF Stock Photo


Transcending Powerlessness and the Search for Unity Consciousness

Tightrope walker – Copyright: bolina / 123RF Stock Photo

Head lightening – Copyright: lightwise / 123RF Stock Photo


Clearing: The Storm after the Calm

Hole in the wall, Copyright: rozum / 123RF Stock Photo

Chakras, Copyright: adrenalinapura / 123RF Stock Photo


Connecting with my Soul-Sisterhood, A New Perspective on Reincarnation

Women in silhouette, Copyright: bolina / 123RF Stock Photo

Priestess autumnal, Copyright: evdoha / 123RF Stock Photo


Ascension: Did anything change in 2012?

Baggage: Copyright: peshkova / 123RF Stock Photo

Stone Heart, Copyright: manuk74 / 123RF Stock Photo

Sun rising behind Earth, Copyright: ssilver / 123RF Stock Photo


Intention: The Big Daddy of Change, Power Up your New Year’s Resolutions

Celebration, Copyright: jagcz / 123RF Stock Photo

Woman in fertile and barren land, Copyright: sifotography / 123RF Stock Photo

Coming out of the Mystic Closet

Cat in the cupboard, Copyright: adamedwards / 123RF Stock Photo

Heart tree, Copyright: lilkar / 123RF Stock Photo


Christmas and the Emotional Push-Me-Pull-You

Santa Hat, Copyright: solerf / 123RF Stock Photo

Fire and mulled wine, Copyright: alexraths / 123RF Stock Photo


Wecome to the Curious Mystic

Boat on beach,, image 13624362, Copyright Iakov Kalinin

Waterfall, Copyright: boonsom / 123RF Stock Photo


Do You Know What I’m Thinking? What it Really Means to be Psychic.

Palm readingCopyright: serezniy / 123RF Stock Photo

EyeCopyright: nexusplexus / 123RF Stock Photo


Protection and the Unsuspecting Empath

Aura, Copyright: styleuneed / 123RF Stock Photo

Clouds, Copyright: lilkar / 123RF Stock Photo

Starstone sphere, Copyright: Murray Dunlop


Dreams and the Multidimensional Experience

Boy looking out of window, Copyright: haywiremedia / 123RF Stock Photo

Comet travelling around the Earth, Copyright: johanswan / 123RF Stock Photo


Psychic Protection and the Ascending Soul

Tree in a bubble, Copyright: violetkaipa / 123RF Stock Photo

Clear Quartz, Copyright: Murray Dunlop


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