Energy Reading for August 2020

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There is a lot of confusion at the moment, with mixed messages and masked intentions making it hard to understand what is relevant to your path and what is a distraction. This is causing an atmosphere of general mistrust and anxiety that becomes self-fulfilling in its nature, particularly as people become increasingly tuned into the collective, whilst many do not yet have strategies in place to filter the energies that come through. 
You have been undergoing a process of expanding your sensitivity to the energies that surround you, with people becoming involved in the feelings and experiences of others to a much greater extent.  For those of you who are already used to this process, this has become overwhelming at times because your normal levels of tolerance are being challenged by the changes in the collective energy. But you are also in a better position to  control and filter the energies that you allow into your personal field.  This is becoming increasingly important, and there is a need for each of you to think carefully about how you structure your time and intentions in order to allow in the most helpful energy to your personal development. 

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The Starfolk Arcana: Book 1 of the Starfolk Trilogy

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I am excited to be able to tell you that my first book, The Starfolk Arcana, is coming out on 13 September this year, in both ebook and paperback formats. 


This moment has been many years in the making and I am so delighted to finally be able to share one of my stories with you. I have a trailer and more coming soon, so do watch this space! 

I am also working hard on book two of The Starfolk Trilogy, as well as editing a standalone novel that I hope to bring you later this year.  

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The Phantom’s Curse: A Cosy Chat with YA Author Shelley Wilson

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At the heart of the Phantom’s curse is this mysterious and unseen creature who terrorised our characters in the past. In the Prologue, you talk about how leaders thought they could control the Phantom and use it to increase their power, but every time it was too big and powerful to control and it ripped through the country causing chaos and destruction. Does this image have something to say about our current political situation?

I’d be lying if I said the political landscape didn’t influence me. When I was writing TPC, my newsfeed was flooded with stories from Syria and how certain factions were turning away those in need. The divisions in society (and life) have travelled through the centuries with us. Some changes are being made, but on the whole, we all find our ‘place’ and get on with it. I saw this in the characters who live in the Link. The inner city elite ignores them, but they are stronger than anyone realises – if they can only learn to work together for the greater good.

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