Energy Reading for July 2020

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For this reading I used the Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti, published by and available on Amazon.  

Emotions are running high with many people reaching overwhelm fast. People are bumping into their own behavioural patterns and expectations and they are either falling away to leave space for the new, or playing on repeat. The fastest way to move through this process is to address how you can bring change into your life in a positive way. Going back to ‘how things were,’ may be appealing, but it is not aligned with the forwards movement that is pulsing through your planet. 

During this time of shedding, you are in an in-between space where anything is possible. The power of your imagination and determination is increased if you choose to tune into it, but it may not feel comfortable.  Depending on how much you are letting go, and how much you are resisting, you may feel this as a weight bearing down upon you. This weight is helping to give you the momentum to push forward though this gateway of change into something new. This birth process has been building for a long time and it may feel like a culmination for some, an awakening for others, or a sense of something tearing apart. However you are finding it, drill down into what you can do to look after yourself in this moment, to allow yourself to breathe and give yourself the space to soften enough to understand how you might move into an enhanced experience.

As your world changes, try to find the stillness at the centre of the storm. There is purpose in the chaos, and yet the counterbalance to this is stillness and thought. This stillness is your route into understanding what is happening around you, into holding to your own judgement rather than getting caught up in group think and see-saw reactions. 


Try to see the complexities and lines that run through your previous assumptions, prejudices and beliefs.  Everything is up for re-examination. Thought processes and behavioural patterns that have appeared to serve you for your whole life may now be deemed destructive or inappropriate. There may be a temptation to resist, but instead, look at yourself, use empathy to feel into the experience of others, and then see where you need to change.

Some of the waves that surround you are leading you forward through a profound moment in history, some are driven by the behavioural patterns of others coming up for clearing. Ensure that you keep tuning in to your own sense of what is right, what is compassionate and what is in the best interest of all, and make your decisions from there. 

If the chaos is leaving you paralysed, this is your body’s expression of what it needs in this moment. Allow yourself to rest, to take time away from the media and social media, to step back from the arguments and conflict. Give yourself the space to relax, to soften, and to see the way forward. Tension is often an important prompt to forward movement, but it can also act as a stop sign, preventing you from finding the adaptability you need to embrace the future.


Many people are acting from their own wounds. This may shine a light on things that need to be seen or it may show that person's unfinished work. Use your own moral compass to tell the difference. Try to avoid following blindly, but question, question, question. See that endings are coming and that they are natural and right. See that beginnings can be exciting and not an affront to your memories. See that the world is changing and only those who change with it will find comfort. 

As the pace accelerates, your own ability to remain comfortably unchanging reduces. You are being given many opportunities to adapt. You can choose which aspects of yourself to work with and which ones to release. If you feel trapped in destructive cycles, try to give yourself moments to step outside your normal level of awareness, to see where the hidden roads of opportunity may lie. And if there are truly none, see if you can act differently on this journey through your cycle.

The global waves of intensity and pressure are so huge and so overwhelming that they can feel all consuming, but there are also many, many transformations taking place at a personal level, all of them different, all of them important. Try to find enough time to be at one with your own energy to see your own path and best future. This is a choice point where you can change direction and leave baggage by the roadside, but you have to make that choice consciously

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