Energy Reading for June 2020

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Channelled from The Light Circle


For this reading I used the Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti, published by and available on Amazon. 

There is a great deal of mental energy and emotional upheaval at this time, with communication, truth and relationships coming under extreme scrutiny. 

Relationships are being reformed, adjusted, left behind and recreated as your society is pulled into new shapes, forced to communicate in new ways and choose where to focus.  The exploration of what is truly important is a hugely individual process and will lead many to a range of different understandings.  It is through this process of re-evaluation that the true changes will come into being. 

Friendships that you may have felt you relied on may be dropping away. Cracks may be showing, or you may find that a friend you barely knew in the past is becoming increasingly important.  Whichever is true for you, the shift is significant and can be long lasting. 

Both empathy and a lack of trust are highly magnified and stand in conflict with each other causing a swing between overwhelming alignment with the plight of others, and a lack of trust in those who you may perceive to be in positions of power or authority. 


There is also a swing between trust in the self and the tendency to second guess your own thoughts and judgments. This is an internal struggle that will continue for some time and change perspectives for many. As some step into their own authority, others begin to question previous assumptions. This quest for truth will bring a new emphasis and experience of communication as old patterns and beliefs are stripped away and the way is cleared for something deeper and more authentic. 

This process may be painful. It may challenge your assumptions at the most basic level and force you to rethink what you have always felt to be true.  It may cause you to look at your situation in new ways and to come to different conclusions about what matters, what is to be trusted and believed, and what can be released from your system. 

Please know that this is a healing process. Although it may be challenging, it is allowing you to travel through a process of transformation much more quickly than in previous times and this will allow you to step further into your own energy and potential.   This process of life evaluation is part of a pivotal shift in direction which will alter your living in ways that previously seemed unachievable.  It may bring heartache as the old falls away, but know that you are walking towards something new, that your mind is being opened to enable you to see the future that awaits you if you choose to walk towards it. 

There is, of course, the opportunity to carry on as you did before, to refuse the call to adventure and ‘get back to normal.’ As appealing as this may seem, try to treat that prospect with the same healthy skepticism with which you viewed the changes.  You are capable of more change than you give yourself credit for and things are often not truly as they first seem. 


Untruths are unraveling and authenticity is coming to the fore, but the waters are still murky.  How can you adjust to find the truth within you and recognise it in other people? How can you move beyond the hang-ups of the past to recognise where truth now lies, and where you can find your healing?

There is much emphasis on cure, but the need for healing goes much deeper. The emotional toll being amassed is high and is triggering many old wounds that will come up to be re-experienced and reintegrated in different ways. 

Try to see where you need healing.  Try to look beyond the collective angst into your own present, history and future, in order to see where you need to give yourself care, and where you can find your new potential.  This time is what you make of it. You can offer yourself the chance to build something new and reach for the future, or you can cling to the past and keep repeating the lessons you are trying to avoid. 

Change is never easy, but resisting change is more challenging that people admit. Your answer is your own. Find your place of peace, be honest about what needs healing, and be authentic when you imagine your future. 

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