Energy Reading for July 2020

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Emotions are running high with many people reaching overwhelm fast. People are bumping into their own behavioural patterns and expectations and they are either falling away to leave space for the new, or playing on repeat. The fastest way to move through this process is to address how you can bring change into your life in a positive way. Going back to ‘how things were,’ may be appealing, but it is not aligned with the forwards movement that is pulsing through your planet in increasingly irresistible waves.

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Under an Evil Star: A Cosy Chat with Author, Jane Holland

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Under an Evil Star is a thriller based on horary astrology. What led you to choose this as a topic?

Since astrology is such a big part of my daily life, I wanted to extend that into my fiction. But how? Last year, eager to write for radio, I listened to Alastair Jessiman’s great radio plays about a Scottish psychic, The Sensitive, and kept thinking throughout, I need to use my esoteric knowledge in my fiction in the same way. Then I hit on the idea of making an astrologer my main character. But obviously, you need to know who the villain is to study their birth chart. But with horary, a much wider field of possibilities becomes open to you.

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Energy Reading for June 2020

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There is a great deal of mental energy and emotional upheaval at this time, with communication, truth and relationships coming under extreme scrutiny. Relationships are being reformed, adjusted, left behind and recreated as your society is pulled into new shapes, forced to communicate in new ways and choose where to focus. The exploration of what is truly important is a hugely individual process and will lead many to a range of different understandings. It is through this process of re-evaluation that the true changes will come into being. Friendships that you may have felt you relied on may be dropping away. Cracks may be showing, or you may find that a friend you barely knew in the past is becoming increasingly important. Whichever is true for you, the shift is significant and can be long lasting.

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