Energy Reading for May 2020

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For this reading I used the Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti, published by and available on Amazon.  

Channelled from The Light Circle

This is a time of great instability in your world and this is leading to many people suffering disturbances to their mental state and sleep patterns. 

As you travel through these constantly shifting waters, it is important to tune in to what is real and what is story in the thought processes, dreams and mental patterns that can swamp you.  These mental energies are rich and potent in their learning opportunities and offer you a deep insight into the work you are here to do at this particular point in time. Try not to get caught up into the belief that everything you fear is real.  Try to see which are real fears and which are images of the patterns you are being called on to address.  Learning through new experiences has a different feel to the process of dealing with that which is from the past, so try to drill down into an observer’s understanding of which you are dealing with, so that you can take the most appropriate approach in each circumstance.

Be kind to yourself. The energies you are experiencing are intense. That which you refuse to address can manifest into reality if you continue to avoid it. The learning is here to be dealt with and your willingness to look it in the eye, to face your current reality, and to deal with what it engenders in you will have a big impact on the reality that unfolds in the coming weeks and years. 


Try to avoid blaming yourself or others. Blame is merely a process of shifting power and moving yourself into a place of victimhood. Although many people are currently controlling your environment, the way to process your current situation is to view it from your own point of power. How can you deal with your reality in the best way possible? How can you be your best self through everything you encounter, however difficult?  How can you truly look after your own needs in order to keep yourself in a fit state to care for those around you? These are all questions that have become more difficult to address honestly, but this simply increases the importance of giving time for this process of observing and understanding. 

This is a time of breakthrough and breakdown. This is happening on both a global and personal level, and the meaning of this process will be different for everyone.  For some, the current situation highlights cracks in their own existence that were previously being ignored or unrecognised. This process will bring the fissures into sharp relief and show where changes need to be made.  For others, circumstances will change. Previous supports or barriers will break down and there will be new realities to adjust to.  This is not an easy process, but it is one which will shape your coming years. how you deal with it now will give you a glimpse of what you will carry in the future. Again, be kind to yourself. Be honest with yourself.  Holding onto illusion or barriers to change will only make the adjustment period harder for you and inhibit you in your ability to accept and journey with the new normal. There is no option to resist change at this time. There is no option to carry on indefinitely in past patterns. There is only the choice to adjust with grace, or to fight the change and experience the process of battle. 


This process is bringing you to a new normal. It is a new start and a greater change than many are yet willing to admit. This will bring gifts and challenges. It will require you to take leaps of faith and to look for the good and the opportunities in your landscape, as well as recognising what has to be left behind and the impact that this my have on you. There are gifts for those who are willing to see beyond what was previously considered possible, to see outside of the old box and embrace the expansive ability to change that is now being offered. Change is an ever faster process at this time and the more you accept and adapt to this, the faster you will move into the new state of normal. Endings and beginnings lie side by side. Some will be held in the ending process for longer, others will be able to move fast to their new beginnings, and there will be others who are in a position to choose how quickly they move. 

This is not a judgement on how spiritually advanced you are. It is simply a feature of the learning that you are embracing at this time and your position in your personal learning cycle. Know that wherever you stand, a new start awaits you and it is your choice what you make of this. As you are given this time to turn inwards, use it, if you can, to see where the cracks are widening in your own life, and where you can make changes for a brighter future. 


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