Energy Reading for May 2020

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This is a time of great instability in your world and this is leading to many people suffering disturbances to their mental state and sleep patterns. As you travel through these constantly shifting waters, it is important to tune in to what is real and what is story in the thought processes, dreams and mental patterns that can swamp you.  These mental energies are rich and potent in their learning opportunities and offer you a deep insight into the work you are here to do at this particular point in time. Try not to get caught up into the belief that everything you fear is real.  Try to see which are real fears and which are images of the patterns you are being called on to address.  Learning through new experiences has a different feel to the process of dealing with that which is from the past, so try to drill down into an observer’s understanding of which you are dealing with, so that you can take the most appropriate approach in each circumstance.

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