Energy Reading for April 2020

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Channelled from The Light Circle

You currently stand at a junction and as individuals there are a multitude of roads open to you. It is your choice how you handle this moment, how much you embrace or fight change, and whether you face up to your fears, try to hide from them, or allow them to run riot. 

For many, the concept of choice may not feel real.  As you live in a restricted physical state that was unheard of only a short time ago, you feel your options have narrowed to almost nothing. And yet, there are still choices if you are able to stay calm and look for the roads that lie at your feet. Placing your toes on those paths may seem insurmountable, but acknowledge that they are there, and make a conscious decision which road is preferable to you at this time. In this way you can hold your sense of freedom and creativity in your own hands.


The most obvious energetic thread at this time is anxiety. This is permeating all levels of society and can manifest as either an intense focus on what could and is going wrong, or in a type of extreme denial.  The focus of anxiety is different depending on each person’s triggers, but themes of loneliness, fear of death, fear of vulnerability all play a large part. Your fears may seem rational and appropriate or they may seem small or overblown.  Either way, the challenge at this time is to see what learning you are being offered through the vehicle of your fears. You are on an accelerated path to clearing and are moving forward to a future in which the process of change is more enabled that you could have understood mere weeks ago.

Clearing Your Fears

When you allow your fears in, try to step back and look at them with an impersonal eye. How do they relate to the situation you are facing? How do they relate to your risk levels? If you really drill down into the fear, what is it focused on? Are you afraid of being alone and in your own thoughts? Are you afraid of being overwhelmed in a busy hospital? Are you afraid of sickness itself or of what it means for your future or for those you love? If you follow the thread, what is your core fear? Can you find the root of that in your life before the virus? Does it come from a time in your childhood? A moment of trauma or a time that you felt particularly vulnerable or alone? By drilling down into these fears you can isolate them and understand what is truly taking root in your thoughts. When you understand what you are being shown, you can start to disconnect from your triggers and see more clearly.


Flow and change are also key lessons. You are being called upon to practise radical acceptance of fast change, and those who are able to flow and adapt with the energies will find it easier. The fight to remain the same in a time of extreme change is a debilitating process that holds you in old patterns and fears and prevents you from truly embracing the gifts that are on offer.  These gifts may seem hidden, they may seem unachievable, but the levels of creativity, compassion and community that are starting to spring up all over your societies are testament to the presence of gift as a path choice.   

Opportunity and creativity of thought and action may seem exciting to some and unachievable to others. But if you are in the latter group, know that there are people out there leading the way into the future through this path. Look to your communities, to those who are stepping up to help, finding innovative ways forward through their business or personal actions. Look to scientists who see beyond the restrictions to a place of cure and prevention. Look to the creatives who are able to bring worlds of distraction and uplift.  Look to those who put their personal energy on the line, lifting the spirits of others, bringing them ways to stay healthy and happy.  Never before has your world seemed so interconnected and yet you are personally in the position of extreme isolation. You may be cut off from the habits and routines that often keep your life rolling, but these can also stop you seeing what is right in front of your eyes.


If you are one of those who can bring light to others, know that you are appreciated, even if you feel that you are, yourself, working in the dark.  Previously unsung heroes will be recognised and the impact you can make on others is great. Shining the light, keeping your own vibration high whilst holding compassion for others is a service that you can offer to yourself, others, and the collective. 

For some, the challenges will be greater than others. For some there will be loss, for others the restrictions will take a high toll, and for some the road will feel easier. Whatever your path, do your best to learn your lessons, to move with the energy and adapt to your new normal. This will lead you through the maze faster and more creatively than otherwise. 


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