Energy Reading March 2020

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Channelled from The Light Circle

What are you birthing into your life right now?

Blocks are disintegrating and forwards movement is becoming increasingly possible. As March opens, you are approaching a period when you have a greater ability to manifest, so take the time to focus on what you would like to create. What is the Sun that is guiding you forwards at this time? Try to put your gaze on that which you would like to bring into fruition, rather than what is leaving.

This is a dynamic moment. Layers of conditioning are leaving your energy field at an increasing rate and this can give the impression of stagnation. But it is creating space for the new, which you can bring into your life if you choose.

Although the shedding is unstoppable, what you usher in is of your own choosing so pick your focus wisely. It is in your power to manifest that which you do not want if you focus solely on conflict. There are many contrasting energies prevalent on Earth at this time, and you can choose what to participate in. You can recreate the loops of the past by claiming those old patterns that are trying to fall away, or you an let them go and focus in a new direction.


This may not be easy. Progress involves letting go on many levels, as well as claiming that which you desire. Be ready to accept where your own illusions may need to drop away. Know that this process is always positive, though it may be tough. Illusion holds you in repeating patters that prevent you from moving forward, even if it presents as positive thinking.

This may seem to be a conflict. You are told to focus on what you want, and urged to let go of illusion. False positive thinking enables you to remain in patterns that are easy and comfortable. The new positive focus is something different and involves a dynamic acceptance that things may not be as you imagined them. The new path may not be the one you wanted, but the destination is of your progress. As far as possible, hold your real goal in your mind and ask the Universe to support you in reaching that goal in the way that brings your own best outcome. Allow the Universe to bring you greater learning and gifts than you are capable of imagining at this time.

As the rate of shedding increases, the process of remaining open to unexpected outcomes becomes more important. This time is so dynamic, so changeable, that your ability to truly comprehend each process that you are going through is limited by your need to be in the moment and learn from the shedding. It is not always obvious which fight is for the greater good, and which needs to be released to make space for something new.

Many fights are in progress at the moment. Some will succeed, others will fail. Over time, things which look bound for success may fall by the wayside in dramatic fashion, and things that seem unlikely may make fast reappearances. You are being called to be flexible, to be able to change direction fast and to make the most of opportunities that are offered to you whether or not you have previously envisaged them. Allow yourself to adapt, and to be open to what is coming. Allow yourself to change your plans, to change your routine, and even your goals.


What brings you joy in this moment? What improves your mental health? The stress and anxiety that are so prevalent at this time are amongst your biggest blocks, as they prevent you from seeing your way forward clearly. Whilst they may feel like glimpses into the future, they are, in fact, a fog that obscures your view. Each moment that you are able to balance your mental health and reduce your anxiety is a moment that aids your journey towards a positive outcome. Do what makes you feel happy. Spend time with those who lift you up. Be realistic about what is really important in your life and what is a drama loop that could be left behind.

These drama loops are addictive and offer a strange satisfaction whilst fuelling your anxiety. The more you allow yourself to step away from these processes, the more you will be able to see past the fog and understand the messages your intuition brings. These messages may come in different forms. Be ready to recognise wisdom from outside your usual pathways. Be ready to spot synchronicities, to pay attention to brainwaves and aha moments. Take note of the people who come into your life right now and those who leave. Nothing is happening by chance.

This can be a dynamic moment for you if you are prepared to be brave, to allow the layers of conditioning to fall away and to welcome in the opportunities that are coming. Follow the joy. Do what makes you feel good and allows you to access the messages your intuition can bring. Allow the drama cycles to drop away and find the purity of love and purpose that always shines at your core.


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