Energy Reading for February 2020

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Channelled from The Light Circle


For this reading I used the Tarot Universal Dali, illustrated by Salvador Dali with a book by Johannes Fiebig, and published by Taschen.

This month sees a change, a shift in energy after the heavy transformation of January. You have been travelling through a time when many have been pulled deep into their bodies, being forced to pay attention to elements of their life they had previously neglected. This time has been about grounding, transforming and going deep into what may have once been ignored.

This process now shifts to another level, engaging a desire to break free of that which has restricted you in recent years and month. This desire to break free, to claim a new start, is a natural response to the challenges you have lived through.

This is an emotional journey. It has its highs and lows, and your ability to let go and move forwards will strongly influence your experience of it. It is a moment of truth. Successes and consequences start to become clear. The time of fudging the answer, of avoiding scrutiny, is coming to an end. Be as honest with yourself as you can about your own actions, feelings and reactions. Do not try to make excuses, to blame others or compose elaborate stories that put you in your best light. Instead look at your behaviour and motivations, and understand where they truly come from so you can move forwards with grace and truth.


There is joy to be had in this process of moving forwards; joy at being unstuck at last and able to grow into the person you have been waiting to become. However the waiting has not finished and much will become clear in later months. This is the beginning of a process and things that seem clear right now may become obscured and complicated later. Grasp what you can whilst the light shines. Be ready to reinterpret as the complexities of issues come to light and you are able to see where you have made assumptions that may no longer ring true.

Much has been released in this past month, in wave and after wave of shedding. This has created a space for growth, for new beginnings, that you have been asking for. What are you going to do with this opportunity? How can you approach it in order to make the most of the new start you are being offered? How can you ensure that you are creating what you want and not what you are hoping to avoid?

Try not to get lost in your own narrative. In this moment of forwards movement it would be easy to make the wrong call, to do things that you may regret later. Hold yourself accountable for your actions. Look after the parts of yourself that may still be struggling from the intensity. Much is changing, but not everything is fast. Try not to get so caught up in the gratifying forward movement that you miss the major transformations that are going on below the surface.


This is the end and this is the beginning. This is a time of pressure and a time where blocks release. These experiences and feelings may not feel like they are flowing in the same direction, and yet this is how it is. This is part of the message. If you gloss over the contradictions and subtleties of this time you will miss some of the opportunities that are being offered in terms of your own personal development.

Do you have the courage to put your dreams and plans into action, and to take personal responsibility over whether they succeed or fail? Now is the moment to find out.

Enjoy the sense of your mind being unfettered, but take care of your body and of the physical processes that keep you healthy. There has been a tendency to separate the mind, the psyche and the body, and to focus on one to the exclusion of all others. This is a time to pull together the various parts of your own life experience, and to integrate them to create a more complete understanding of yourself and of your processes on this earth.


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