Energy Reading for January 2020

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Channelled from The Light Circle

A collective grief is permeating your social structures and it is building to a head.  The road through January will be up and down, surprising and predictable by turns, both what you need and what you have been running from. 

This is the moment you have been building towards for some time.  It is the moment where some of the pieces will start to fall into place, while others will break apart. It will throw your personal and collective development into sharp relief, showing you where you are heading, and what needs to be changed or left behind. 

This is a moment of truth, a moment of purge, a moment that will allow you to focus on the path you truly wish to take, and to establish whether or not this is the right direction for you.  Nothing is simple, but it is all worthwhile as you strip back what you experience and focus on what really matters. 

If you are inviting change into your life, remain open to avenues you have not currently thought of.  Rather than staying on a fixed course, hold your goal in mind and see where the flow takes you.  January could bring you wonderful opportunities, or exacerbate the cracks in the establishments you hold dear.  It is a moment of surprise and adjustment. The more open and able to shift you are, the easier the transition will be.


If you are currently resisting change, ask yourself why.  What are you scared of? What do you think you will have to let go of? Is there only one way to stay aligned with the truths you hold dear?  Can you hold your integrity but move in a different direction?  Are there parts of your past that need to be released so you can move forward?  Is there a way you could focus on building something new, rather than fighting the old?

Expect the unexpected.  There will be elation, disappointments and disillusionment as the energies meet people on different stages of their journeys.  The lessons coming will be of enormous value to you, and can move your life forwards in ways you haven’t anticipated. The more open you remain, the more you will be able to make the most of these opportunities and challenges as they swirl around you.

Times are changing and there is a deep purge on Earth right now. This is a transitory period that will allow the release of many energies that have been held in your social system for a long time.  In order to move on to your next stage of development, these energies need to be examined and either released or retained.  This current moment can open the door to opportunities or show you the truth of the path you are holding to.  It can bring you joy or hold you in grief.  How you deal with these possibilities is entirely up to you.


Take some time this month to truly evaluate the essence of what you want, and whether your current course is likely to bring you to your goal.  If not, consider how you might alter your path.  There has been so much release over such a long period, and many are feeling beaten.  Some have dug in their heels, some have given up, and some have retreated into anger and bitterness.  A sense of confrontation has been building steadily and with January this may come to a head. 

Try to be honest with yourself about where the pressure is building in your own life and how you might release the valve with as little damage as possible.  Can you look after yourself better? Turn down commitments you cannot truly afford in a financial or physical capacity?  Can you stop eating the food that is clogging your system, let go of the people who are dragging you down and promote friendships that truly support you and move you forwards? Can you be honest with yourself about whether your job is right for you, and about whether you are living in the right place? Some pressure points will be big, some will be small, some will be achievable instantly and others may take years to manifest.  The point is to start, to make the intention to create what truly lies in your heart and to release that which is no longer working.  Allow the old energy to go and focus on what is to come. 

There is an opportunity for those who are able to see it through the fog, but if you can’t see the path, focus on taking the best next step you can. The way will become clear as long as you keep your focus on your goal and prepare to adapt every step of the way. 



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