Energy Reading for December

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Channelled from The Light Circle. 

December is a time of change, of moving on. It brings an opportunity to release what you have outgrown, and address issues you have avoided.

Strength will come up for many.  Have you been tested recently on your physical or mental strength?  Have you faced challenges to your health, to your ability to stand firm in your truth, or to your resilience in standing up for friends or family?  Are you being shown that you need to be stronger in looking after yourself, or in looking after those around you?  Whatever your challenges have been, you are being asked to move things to the next level, to find ways to turn your strength into gentle healing, to allow yourself the space to do what needs to be done in a constructive way.  You can do this.  You have it within you, but you need to make the choice to face your demons and find a healthier way forward. 

If you have felt powerless, or fallen into victim patterns, you may be faced with a choice of whether to take control of your situation and choose your path, or continue to drift and find the fortitude to face what comes your way. Things have been in flux for a long time and you are nearing the end of a process that has dragged you down. This may feel endless, and yet there is light at the end of the tunnel even if you can’t see it yet.


This period will offer the possibility of breakthroughs in a way that you have not seen for some time. They may not be what you expect. It is a process of releasing that which is no longer apt and relevant in your life, which may be a relief, or may bring grief.  If you are hanging onto things that no longer serve your path, you may be challenged to let them go.  Sometimes that which was healthy in the past becomes a negative force later on, but it can be hard to let that go.  Be as open as you can to the ways forward that present themselves. Be as open as you can to change, and to ongoing flexibility. You are not in a process of creating something static, but of adapting with the flow.  Change is your new normal and is a process with which you will become increasingly familiar. 

In order to navigate these waters, look after yourself as much as you are able. Find the joy in your daily life, in the people who surround you, and in the activities you love. This joy is a major source of strength, but one which people often fail to recognise. You may see pleasure as a distraction, something that takes you away from the seriousness of life and what must be achieved. However, this joy can be nurturing, it can be fulfilling, it can give you the strength to work within the bounds of your possibilities, and it is yours to choose.


Whilst it is important to face up to what is taking place on your planet at this time it is also of vital importance to nurture your own energy so you are able to be the best version of yourself and contribute to society and the planet in a way that is constructive and healthy. The collective stress is considerable and it adds to the sense of challenge that is faced by many. You have created systems that increase your connectivity and these can be highly positive, but they are also starting to control your behaviours in ways that leave you energetically drained. When you spend time on these social networks and find your energy depleted, it is important to balance out this experience with time spent doing something that fills you up and enables you to rebuild your energetic blueprint in a way that is helpful and healthy for you. There are many ways to interact and put boundaries in place, so you can create a space that feels safe and nurturing.

Finding your own truth and your own strength is the key to navigating these energies and to finding your greatest expression of it. As you move towards the climax of the month, there will be change and breakthrough. Much depends on how you approach this process. You have been brought through many challenges in recent times and your responses to these challenges have changed and adapted as time has passed. Now is the moment to choose how you will approach and react to what is to come and to find your own way to create the most positive expression of his energy. It is time to let go of what no longer serves. It is time to prepare to manifest that which will carry you forwards. It is time to recognise the process by which you can keep yourself whole, healthy and strong in order to face whatever comes in your future.


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