Energy Reading for November 2019

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Channelled from The Light Circle. 

Themes of endings, of transformation, abound this month, making way for an edgy feel that can be experienced as either excitement or anxiety.

These feelings have been building for some time but, for many, they will now be reaching a peak, a point of no return whereby some kind of change becomes necessary. This change may be welcome, it may be simply better than the alternatives, or it may be something that feels forced, or foisted upon you. Whichever the case, you are in a place of culmination, a place where the status quo is beginning to feel untenable. 

You may be feeling mood swings. You may be feeling a lack of trust in those around you, or those you have to rely on. You may mistrust your own judgement and your personal ability to take the next step in your life. This mental energy can feel overwhelming, so take some time to think through your self-care techniques and focus on how to channel it for your own greatest good. It can bring great rewards if you harness it and put it to good use in your own personal transformation.

Transformation is at the heart of your current change process. Remaining static and going back to the past are no longer options. Instead you are faced with a reality in which those people and institutions that are unwilling to change and adapt will find themselves on increasingly unstable ground. 


In the past, much was hidden. Now, as you shine a light on injustice, on prejudice, anger, hatred and fear, you begin to wash away their impact, but you also bring them to the surface and force yourselves to deal with inconvenient truths that have previously been kept under wraps. 

In this month, where transformation is high on the agenda, this process will be even more apparent.  Be mindful of your own hurts, and take care of yourself so that you are best placed to heal them in a constructive way. Be mindful of where you may have caused hurt, and be prepared to stand in your own light, to examine where you have failed yourself or others, and to resolve how you can do better in the future. 

There is always the opportunity to do better, to be truer to yourself, more authentic, more loving, and more understanding. There is always the opportunity to look more honestly at your life and see what needs to transform. It is always easier to hang onto the way things have been in the past, to believe it is impossible to change and to assume things will always pan out as they have in the past. Know, that this is no longer supported. The way to move forward in this energy is to see where changes need to happen, and to flow with them, to find the best resolution for you and for those around you.


Remember that with endings come new beginnings. Remember, that with change comes opportunity and new ways forward you never comprehended.  At this time, you are being stripped of your illusions to a point where you are unable to continue with the comfortable fantasies that previously led you forward. Instead, it is a time to come to terms with radical honesty. See yourself as you truly are. Recognise your limits and offer them the respect they deserve. Face up to your dreams, to the realities you have not yet created, and be honest about what needs to be done to bring you to a sense of fulfillment. 

You cannot usher in the new by behaving as you have always done. Only by accepting transformation can you move towards to the future you deserve.  It is time to take a deep breath and let go, time to recognise that the moment of free-fall could bring you roads and routes forward that you have not yet thought of, and offer solutions beyond your conscious dreams.

Where you stand now, the way looks murky and unsafe, but the fog at your feet obscures the way. By clearing away the fog of your fears, your resistances and your unhelpful habits, you can bring the path back into sharp relief so you can see where it is safe to tread. Only by doing this work can you see your way forward, but this energy offers you support, bringing you an opportunity for transformation that can truly help you move forward.


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