Energy Reading for October 2019

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Channelled from The Light Circle

You have been living in a place of uncomfortable excess for some time.  Anger has abounded and been met with ever increasing waves of conflict.  Issues in the physical world have been met with an expanding instinct to numb the pain through escapism, whether it be through turning a blind eye, substance, food, or other methods. The energetic purge has been so great, that a corresponding desperation to seek comfort has offered temptations that may not be in the interest of your greatest good.

The energy coming with this Autumn Equinox brings a different vibe.  Instead of excess you may feel a need to take up the challenge and bring balance to your life.  this may not be easy. Instead it is a challenge, a call to stand up and be counted, to call the balance back into life in both the private and public sphere. 

At this time, flow favours those who work towards balance and health rather than over-indulgence, abstinence, or other types of extremism. The focus is on bringing back a state of mind and body that promotes health. 

Kindness is not always easy, but you are being called on to practise radical kindness both to yourself and others.  You are being called to pull yourself out of the pit of anger and resentment, to build bridges, and to allow yourself to see beyond the mental barriers that you have erected in the recent months and years. This is a challenging task, because it tears down your perceived protections. It is time to look beyond those barriers, to see and feel the hurt that other people are experiencing, and to recognise that all are coming from their own, unique, human perspective. 


These self-protecting habits have been building for a while and have put many of you into a state of discomfort.  They may be the result of a need to control physical symptoms, anxiety, or the impact of people or the media on your daily lives.  If you have fallen into unhelpful habits, now is the moment to address the uncomfortable truths that supported them.  Only by coming to terms with those truths can you overturn the protective behaviour and build something new that allows you to escape from the walls you have built around yourself. 

This is a time of taking your freedom, of rediscovering your balance, and of resetting your journey so that you can travel in a way that is more conducive to your physical and mental health, as well as to your own openness to experiencing joy. 

Deep within you, you have your own figure of wisdom who can guide you further on this journey. It may be helpful to put a face to this figure, to help you identify and connect with it on a daily basis.  Do you identify with a god or goddess, with a religious figure, a place in nature, a colour or a sound? Find the vibration that speaks to your soul and allow it to shine through, inspiring your actions towards the highest expression of your true self.   This is where your seat of balance exists.  It holds the space where you are your truest expression, where you are least caught up in the mental machinations of the world, and most aligned with your sense of the highest good and the energies of love and kindness.


There are figures in your world right now who you can call on for inspiration.  Look at those who are arising from the chaos to show you the new way forward.  Try not to hold onto what has always been, because that is crumbling to make way for the new.  Instead, focus on what feels right at each step of the way. Focus on your heart and on your need for healing. Recognise your own passions and your need for space. See the pain in others and acknowledge it, rather than ridiculing, or stating your own superiority. Feel your anger; work with it. But do not allow it to infect your dealings with others, who will be suffering from their own pain.

Tune into your heart and allow it to lead you back to balance.  Feel your feet on the ground and allow Gaia’s energy to flow into you, restoring your strength and connection to the earth.  Feel your links into the divine, however you experience it.

This is a time to find your way back to your own balance, heart centre, and power.  This is not about taking the easy way, but about standing in the truth of your body and your heart, and making the choices that resonate at a soul level.


Images are from, numbers 46510488, 27214549 and 41304543. 

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  1. I have only just discovered your energy readings (through a friends weekly fb blog) and hand on heart, I haven’t read anything before that is as accurate as what you’ve channelled! Every fibre in my body has been alerted with the Truth of what you’ve recieved. I would love to recieve the monthly energy readings 1st hand. From a grateful, thankful heart.

    1. Post

      Hi Paula-Marie, I’m sorry for the slow response, I’ve only just found your comment. I’m so pleased you’ve found my readings so helpful! If you would like to receive them by email, you can just click on the Subscribe tab on my website, and enter your email. Lots of love to you, Martha xx

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