Energy Reading for September 2019

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Channelled from The Light Circle

September is a time of purge, of getting rid of the baggage that stands between you and the purity of your Personal Truth. 

The purge has already begun.  You have already entered the energy stream that will flow through September, taking hold of illusions and shining the bright light of reality directly on them. 

This is a time of clearing, of purifying.  Truth is of huge importance, but it may feel hard to recognise the difference between your Truth and the mental machinations that can easily take hold in your mind.  This means the potential for both disillusionment and relief is high.  How much you feel of one or the other is, in part, related to your own ability to face the difficult questions, embrace change, and be brutally honest with yourself. 

Power struggles have been a continuous and increasing theme but, at this time, the clash deepens. The search for Personal Truth and the desire for control come from opposite angles, which can be distracting and confusing.  If you find yourself in this position, focus on how you can find the power in your own self, how you can tune into your strengths and your ability to manifest your own Truth in your own life. The ability to assert power over others is dwindling and people will be increasingly called out on manipulations and bullying.  The ways of the past are pushing for the spotlight at this time, but this gives you the opportunity to purge and expunge them, to purify your own experience and seek your Truth.  How long this takes depends on those involved and how ready they are to move on. 


These power struggles may manifest in your external life, but really they are internal clashes between your inner critical voice and the true self that is trying to come through.  Which patterns, assumptions and mantras have you been following that no longer serve you? As they become less relevant they become more highlighted, giving you increasingly strong chances to release them.  

This process of confrontation and release may bring grief, or it may bring a sense of freedom.  It may be a simple, physical process of clearing the rubbish from your home, or it may mean travelling into the depths of your past and your subconscious to deal with your baggage. 

Whatever comes up for you at this time is important.  The energies surrounding you right now are key to the next step in your development, and so take this moment seriously.  Whatever you do now, and however you go about it, it is a deciding point in what comes next. 

You can choose who you want to be, and how you manifest the Inner-You into the outside world.  It is a time to be mindful of how authentic you are being, and what impact that has on your body and your soul.  It is a time to look at your physical routines, your diet, your exercise and your material surroundings.  This is not a time for impulse, but for getting things right, for aiming for the purity of your Personal Truth and holding onto the dream that seems hard to focus on at other times in the year. 


You do not have to be the person you have always been.  You do not have to be the person everyone else wants you to be.  Instead, focus on living in a way that allows you to come into balance, to know that you are being true to who you are and who you want to become. 

In this time of change, only alignment with your own Truth can bring you peace.  There is so much anger, so much resentment and so much energy for change, that it is vital to adjust and manifest in your own image, and in the image you want to embody.
Support your process with frequent grounding.  Know that you can manifest into the real world at this time of Earth energy, and that your own connection with Gaia, and with the physical in general, will help you to feel rooted and clear.  Nature is a wonderful support system for those who allow themselves to bask in the energies and to breath with the plants and trees. 

This is a time of transition.  Much has already changed and there is still much shift to come.  This is a process of adapting to the differences in energies which shape your social structures. Much is being cleared away and much is being highlighted. 

This is a time when choice is key.  Focus your attention on visualising what you want. See obstruction floating away without resistance.  Allow in change. Allow in the new.  Allow yourself to purge, to hold your truth in its purest form. 

Only you can identify what is right for you at this time.  When you find it, reach for it and allow everything else to drop away. 

Images are from, numbers 646634413888430 and 32252435.  

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