Energy Reading for July 2019

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Channelled from The Light Circle

This month, focus on finding your centre. 

As the energies whirl around you, your epiphanies come from within, illuminating your path through your own inner light. 

If you feel surrounded by fight, find a space where there is peace.  Whether it is your home, nature, or simply meditation, find your own peace and know that it is there to show you the way forward.

For in this chaotic time it is easy to become distracted, to be caught up in the whirl of emotions that are releasing in a continual stream from your planet and from those around you.  As the past lifts, it comes vividly to life, embodied by those who cling to it, refusing to let go.

Those embodying the past present you with your triggers at a dramatic rate.  As people cling to the reality they see disintegrating, they repeat the behaviours they are afraid to lose, reinforcing the reality they are desperate to recreate.  This can be profoundly triggering for those trying to let go of past patterns, loops and traumas, those trying to move forward.

For the sensitive, it is easy to get drawn into this process, swept up in the fear that is inevitably present in any time of change.  Try to release these energies, to find out what is truly yours to face. 


As the turbulence of this month settles, you will have found a new way forward, a new approach to whatever you are facing at this time.  For now, treat yourself gently and kindly.  know that every reaction you have is a signpost to your path and your resolution.  Trust your soul and your body.  Listen to them, nurture them and allow them to nurture you in return. 

As you find yourself surrounded by that which feels unfamiliar and unwelcome, it triggers fear and mistrust.  This is a natural process and brings to bear what you are willing to live with, and what you are not prepared to allow into your energy field.  This is a process of release, of healing, of transformation.  Once again, I urge you to go into the stillness of your centre, to see what is really important. 

If you are due a change of direction, the time is good for you to make your move, but you can only do this from a point of being clear-sighted about why you are making the change, and by following your heart.  If you find yourself, in fact, changing to embody other people’s energies, you will not be walking the path intended for you. 


Be prepared to take the time and the space to look at things from new perspectives.  Be prepared to stand back for long enough to see through the fog, to see what is real, what is illusion and what really matters to you.  Look in the mirror and focus on what is happening within your own body, within your energy field and within your heart and mind.  This is where your inspiration lies. 

Exposure to the collective angst can feel overwhelming. In this waterlogged energy, your way forward lies through Feel, through intuition, and through giving yourself the space to know what is your own energy, what is your challenge, and what you have absorbed needlessly. 

Don’t take our word for it. Feel it for yourself.  In this watery soup there is little individuation. No family, way of life, pattern, institution or power-structure is immune from the pull of transformation.  Instead, you are called to welcome change, be flexibe, adapt and Feel. 

Feel your way through and you will find your path, whether that is a new start, or a reaffirmation of the direction you had already chosen.  This time is intense, it is strong in its demands, but it will carry you forward in its current, unless you hold fast to the blockages that litter the way. 

Images are from, numbers 20682320, 32003993, 77383049 and 18621646.  

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  1. I love your website, Martha! It’s absolutely beautiful, and so wise and insightful! I too am a massive fan of The Mists of Avalon and feel every connected to Avalon. I also come from a family of mystics and channellers and your words speak very true to what I was taught by my own mentors. I’m also a fantasy writer and I teach creative writing to children, so we have some cool things in common! Thank you for your lovely website!

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