Energy Reading for June 2019

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Channelled from The Light Circle

What healing do you need right now?  Can you find it, deep within you? Can you find it through giving yourself permission to grieve, to let go, to be your true self?

If you cannot find your healing within, are you ready to demand to be heard? To tell the world, or a single person, what help you need, or what challenges you are facing so that you can at last attract the healing you deserve?

If you cannot access the physical healing you desire at this time, or in this life, is there another type of healing that needs your attention?  Do you need to heal your self-image, your view of others, your deep hurt?

There are many ways to hurt and there are many ways to heal.  The process is so complex and winding that many choose to take it at face value rather than look deeply at the work that lies in front of them.  For this is a large part of your path on this earth.  

Right now you are being given an energetic push to embrace your healing journey, whatever that may mean to you. The hidden is no longer staying conveniently in the shadows.  Rather, it is being pushed into the glare of the sunlight so you can no longer ignore what was always in front of your eyes. 


In this process lies a new relationship with yourself, with the world, with those around you. Once you stop defining yourself by others, seeking their validation and approval, you will find that this opens up the way before you, allowing you to progress faster on your path than ever before.

Many of you reading this will feel you are already on your own journey, that you are an individual who doesn’t seek the approval of others.  If this is true, now is your chance to help others to feel free, to feel that there is a shelter from the bombardment of negativity that is being created by the extreme clearing and the strong transformational process taking place on your planet at this time. 

But even if you feel you never follow the crowd, look more closely.  Are you following a certain brand of rebellion, or a system of spiritual cliques? Are you able to truly look beyond their dictates and see the good in other approaches, or see the flaws in the system you are currently following?

As the systems around you break down, be prepared to see that even the Alternative can be a structure. See that this too can be flawed and stuck.  See that this too needs to be subject to change in order to transform and evolve along with those of you who walk the Earth at this time. 

The hardest transformations are those that you don’t see coming, those that involve structures you don’t choose to bring down yourself. 

The feeling of being out of control is rife right now.  That sense of moving backwards, or of being plummeted forwards in white water.  As the hidden comes ever further out into the light, it is increasingly impossible to control others or, indeed, to control your environment.  However this does not make you powerless.  You can focus your attention ever deeper on yourself.  Focus on the ways that you can change your life in order to bring in the healing, the relationships and the energy that you want and need to move forward. 


The more chaotic the world becomes, the more important your own space and your inner centre.  If you allow yourself to be swept in all directions by the current, it is difficult to regain your serenity.  But if you hold your space, you can create a state of being where the knowing can reach you. 

This is not a call to lock yourself away, to absent yourself from world affairs.  More and more, involvement is being demanded from all, and if you feel this to be your calling, follow it.  However it is still possible to hold a little space for yourself, to keep your heart centre strong amongst the many surges of energy that are releasing at this time. 

Take care of yourself.  Take care of your body and take care of your energy.  Only by supporting yourself can you find the way forward to your best ability.  It is common for adults to treat the body as inevitable, so reliable that it can be neglected and yet will continue to perform day by day.  For once, give yourself permission to take care of yourself even if you are in the best of health. Give yourself permission to take breaks, to say no, to put yourself first that you may maintain your energy in a way that allows you to also support others.  Love and nurture yourself as you love and nurture those around you. Treat yourself as a priority, not an afterthought. 

The more you take care of yourself, the more sovereignty you will hold over your mind which is often your greatest driver. There is much made of the concept of ‘mind over matter’, and yet, it is by supporting your matter that you are able to nurture your mind.  There is far less disconnect between body, mind and energy than is commonly embraced and this melding between the bodies is part of the energetic pattern of this moment. 

You are being called on to integrate the neglected parts of yourselves, to heal your hurts and to take yourself seriously as a light being in your own right.  This is a time to nurture, support, self-validate, and to recognise where you have given your own power away, so you can take it back and manifest your journey in a way that is healthy for you. 


For this reading, I used the Wild Wood Tarot, by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, illustrated by Will Worthington and published by Eddison Books Limited.  It is available on Amazon here.  

Images are from, numbers 41138294 and 15236695.  

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