Energy Reading for July 2019

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This month, focus on finding your centre. As the energies whirl around you, your epiphanies come from within, illuminating your path through your own inner light. If you feel surrounded by fight, find a space where there is peace. Whether it is your home, nature, or simply meditation, find your own peace and know that it is there to show you the way forward. For in this chaotic time it is easy to become distracted, to be caught up in the whirl of emotions that are releasing in a continual stream from your planet and from those around you. As the past lifts, it comes vividly to life, embodied by those who cling to it, refusing to let go.

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Energy Reading for June 2019

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What healing do you need right now? Can you find it, deep within you? Can you find it through giving yourself permission to grieve, to let go, to be your true self? If you cannot find your healing within, are you ready to demand to be heard? To tell the world, or a single person, what help you need, or what challenges you are facing so that you can at last attract the healing you deserve?
If you cannot access the physical healing you desire at this time, or in this life, is there another type of healing that needs your attention? Do you need to heal your self-image, your view of others, your deep hurt? There are many ways to hurt and there are many ways to heal. The process is so complex and winding that many chose to take it at face value rather than look deeply at the work that lies in front of them. For this is a large part of your path on this earth.

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