Energy Reading for May 2019

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Channelled from The Light Circle

May is a time of digging into your own psyche to discover where you are responding to triggers from outside, and where you are, in fact, triggering yourself. 

It is increasingly difficult to avoid your own patterns and trigger points.  They are being bombarded with greater and greater intensity, allowing you to experience them in their entirety. This is challenging, but it gives you the opportunity to either explore the issues that are revealed and release yourself to move forward, or to dig in and hold your ground. 

This is a moment of realising that you already have the sovereignty you desire, and that nobody will give you more than you already possess.  There is no moment on its way where the universe will solve all of your problems for you.  Instead there are a series of opportunities to recognise your own power to create your own reality, and to embody your own integrity and ability to see what is right for you and for those around you.

There are continuing pressures around recognising what is being put in front of you, what is real, and what is simply the desire of another.  For those who are sensitive, there is an ever-greater pull between the desire to help others and the desire to support self.  This is becoming greater as the pull of social media drags you into the realities of others. This can seriously impact your energy and the way you experience and put yourself out into the world.  It is important to recognise where your own energy is strong enough to help others light up, and to recognise where it is in need of support so that you don’t become dragged down into a pit of anger and fear, created by those whose energy you are picking up.


This is not their fault.  This is a pattern that you have carried for centuries.  There have always been those who have identified with others. In the current energy this character trait is increasingly enhanced as everyone becomes more sensitive and attuned.  This process highlights and brings to the surface where this identification is a positive, enhancing trait, and where it is destructive and reducing of the brightness of your own energetic blueprint. 

Your aim in this life is to be the best and most loving version of yourself.  If your identification with others is so extreme that you begin to lose the boundaries between your own energy and the energy that clogs around you, then you risk allowing yourself to be pulled away from your path, and to allow your own brightness to dim. 

You do not need to cut yourself off, rather you can learn how to protect and build up your energies so that you are able to truly offer your own light to others, without it dimming and causing stress to your own physical, emotional and energetic bodies. 

As the walls between realities begin to come down, people are becoming more and more aware of the potential realities in the future, and the split between what they experience and what is felt by others.  There is a confusion as people are trying to adapt to these different understandings and projections of experiences from others, which also trigger memories from other incarnations. At the same time there is also a push-back from those who choose to fight the shift and remain with the reality they have found safe and empowering in the past.

This is a natural reaction and is firmly rooted in the reality you have come from, so for many it feels real and solid. But at this time of extreme change on a global and personal level, the ability to change and adapt is the only route to stability and forward movement.  This is a major shift and will be challenging to many.


For those who have been working on a spiritual level for some time, you may be experiencing a pull towards focusing on the physical. For those who have always been focused in the physical, you may be experiencing a spiritual awakening.  There is a need to balance these different points of focus to bring you to the point where you are able to create on a spiritual level and manifest into the physical world.  You are here for both.  This is an experience of creation from all levels and you are being brought to a point of constructive creation that is greater than you have previously experienced.

If the creative spark feels remote, give yourself time and space to adjust to what is taking place in your life. If you feel stuck, allow that process. Focus on that feeling and the fears that are holding you back. The urge to Do can feel irresistible, but sometimes this takes you further away from the creative potential that brings fulfillment.  Take care of yourself and gift yourself the space to find your own creative spark, in any way that feels natural to you.

This journey is happening. You have not been thrown off the carriage, you are simply travelling in a new way. It may feel uncomfortable, but will bring you new insights and forward movement when the time is right.


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