Energy Reading for May 2019

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May is a time of digging into your own psyche to discover where you are responding to triggers from outside, and where you are, in fact, triggering yourself. It is increasingly difficult to avoid your own patterns and trigger points. They are being bombarded with greater and greater intensity, allowing you to experience them in their entirety. This is challenging, but it gives you the opportunity to either explore the issues that are revealed and release yourself to move forward, or to dig in and hold your ground. This is a moment of realising that you already have the sovereignty you desire, and that nobody will give you more than you already possess. There is no moment on its way where the universe will solve all of your problems for you. Instead there are a series of opportunities to recognise your own power to create your own reality, and to embody your own integrity and ability to see what is right for you and for those around you.

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