Energy Reading for March 2019

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For this reading I have used the Witches Tarot, and channelled from  The Light Circle. 

March is a potent month with delays, reversals, newness and changes that you would never have expected. 

The waters of change are washing away the old and those who try to cling onto old structures become more and more frustrated by their attempts to grasp to something that is no longer solid. 


The way to avoid this frustration is to come from your own inner Priestess, your place of intuition and heart guidance.  If you can truly turn off the chatter of your head that fills you with incessant fear and questioning, you can find a purer message that comes only from your heart. Even if this feels obscured, keep trying for it.  The messages in the way are mere fog which can serve to distract you, but the truth and the lightness is always there underneath if you reach for it. 

This inner wisdom can bring us to a place of inspiration, of passion, of a newness that can seem both exciting and scary.  Rather than allowing yourself to become entrenched in either emotion, sink into whatever comes up and observe it as it surrounds you.  In this immersion lies understanding. If you bring your inner priestess to the table, bring her magic to clear the fog, she can show you the way forward. 

The way may be up and down, but there is joy to be had.  Allow yourself to grasp the moments, to bring the joy and healing into your life whenever it arises.  This process is your birth-right and is the counterpoint to the lessons that you bring, which may be a challenge.  Joy is a healing process that can support you in dealing with triggers that can be emotionally or physically destabilising. 


Openness is key.  Your readiness to allow yourself a new emotional start will determine how you experience the weeks going forward. 

If you are tired, allow yourself space to find the emotional energy to look in a new direction.  If you are harassed, allow yourself that space. If you are excited, follow your dream, but ensure you have enough space to clearly receive your true way forward from your heart, and not from the narrative of those around you. 

The key is to keep going into your heart, to listen to that voice of wisdom that is true to you.  There will be many words and narratives.  There will be a sense of busyness that will be in contrast to the overall speed of forward movement.  Because those conflicting messages and emotions come from outside, they are born of other people and their patterns, of your old patterns, and of the patterns that your soul is still waiting for you to release. 

Though you are, in fact, moving forward on your soul journey, there is a real-life sense of being surrounded by conflict and stuckness. This hovers around your thoughts and feelings, your connections with others and with the world around you.  It is important to hear these messages, and to take them for what they are, without the filter of your own anger or resentment.  This can be hard to do, and yet, this is the lesson at this time as you are given the opportunity to absorb realities that have in the past seemed distant to you. These moments of tension, of intensity are what fuel the journey forwards, uncomfortable as they may seem. 


Moments of clarity will stand shoulder to shoulder with haziness and confusion.  Stability will stand firm next to a sense of lack.  The waters of this current reality offer no conclusion, but many possibilities and the opportunity to immerse in these potentials and to see what is really on offer to you in the future. 

Do not reject this insight.

Embrace the opportunity to see from another’s perspective.  Question thoughts and ideas you have taken for granted.  Only through your own probing, can you move into a state of greater understanding rather than simple rigidity. 

This is a time of water, a time of tying-up parts of your life that no longer fit, and a time of intuition.  It is a time of birthing ideas, not realities.  It is a moment to reflect, to immerse yourself in the waters of your past, your present and your future. 

Look into the crystal bowl that holds your own merged realities and watch as the picture gradually unfolds. 


Pictures from, 3291040, 97654748, 27847879

Tarot cards from the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans, published by Llewellyn Publications and available on Amazon here

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