Energy Reading for February 2019

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Channelled from The Light Circle. 

In February the static will be high.  there will be an onslaught of messages that may or may not be helpful to you.  In this period of air energy, thoughts and messages will overrule emotions on the central stage, but the emotions will rise up underneath this cover, causing ructions underneath. 

It is important not to get too caught up in the narrative, in the constant stream of opinions and arguments.  You know in your heart where your truth lies.  Only by following that pull can you find your balance in this very heady energy. 

As you stand on the cusp of a new beginning, a new emotional landscape that will lead you on a different path to the one you expected, fear is rife.  This process brings you up close and personal with both the new, and with the shadows that have been plaguing you through this large-scale clearing process. 

You have been preparing for the new and now it is waiting. 

Whether you accept the challenge now or delay is your call, but know that the process of waiting does not make your life easier, rather it keeps presenting you with the same challenge with different faces, until you decide to take the leap your soul has called for. 


This is not a time to continue walking an old path.  The energetic blueprint has changed, and only through authentic re-visioning of your future can you come to understand where you are leading yourself.  The more open you are to this re-visioning , the more productive, creative and exciting the journey you will be able to take.  There are many layers to the experiences that are open to you.  Think of it as a banded offer. You can take the energetic experience at its most basic, or you can strive for the uppermost octane of the energy at your disposal and reach for your own self actualisation.  What is clear, is that the old routes are no longer open to you, or those around you. 

Your voice needs to be heard.  Those around you need to see your truth. 

The more you hide, the more your differentness will show in ways that might make people feel uncomfortable.  Tell your own narrative.  let people see you for who truly are and who you strive to become.  Your differentness is your unique ability to contribute to the world.  By hiding this behind a blanket of normality, you deprive the world of your gifts and deprive yourself of the ability to self-actualise and to progress with your own personal development and awakening process.

Your voice is your process of actualisation.  There are many ways to use this voice. You could paint, play or sing music, write, speak up, help people who are struggling, create groups, work with animals, anything that sparks your inner truth and brings you into balance with your own heart and your calling.  Your voice is your means of manifesting your true potential and your path.  This will bring you into alignment with your purpose and show you the way forward that will bring you to a sense of realness in who you are. 


This realness is coming up for many in the form of wounds that need to be addressed and released.  Have you been silenced in this life? Told that you were too much, too sensitive, too individual? Have you been told that you were not enough, that your lack of conformity made you less? Are you trying to fit, to be other than you really are in order to be accepted?  At this time, those conceits, those pretences won’t sit right. They will feel increasingly uncomfortable to you, and less convincing to those around you. 

Do not try to make your decisions based on what has come before, or your sense of what others will see as acceptable. If those around you are not ready to take you as you are, consider shining a light to call in your tribe.  This is a time for individuality, for truth of expression, for actualising your own path and dreams in a way that gives you the self-worth you have been longing for. You cannot find this self-worth from others.  If you wait for it to be provided by those around you, or the Universe, then your wait may be long. Instead the energies are waiting for you to activate your own energetic blueprint, to make a commitment to shine your own light and to live in your own truth

This is a moment to step-up and own who you are. It is a moment to gather yourself for that first step.  Scary as it may feel, it is your path to fulfillment.  It may not look the way you dreamed it, but trust that the lessons are there for a reason and the rewards will be in line with your path.  Trust that your soul knows the way forward even when your human mind holds back.  Trust that the new way presented by the Universe takes you forward, and be prepared to step up and own your destiny. Only you can create the future you have come here to embody.


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