Energy Reading for March 2019

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March is a potent month with delays, reversals, newness and changes that you would never have expected. The waters of change are washing away the old and those who try to cling onto old structures become more and more frustrated by their attempts to grasp to something that is no longer solid. The way to avoid this frustration is to come from your own inner Priestess, your place of intuition and heart guidance. If you can truly turn off the chatter of your head that fills you with incessant fear and questioning, you can find a purer message that comes only from your heart. Even if this feels obscured, keep trying for it. The messages in the way are mere fog which can serve to distract you, but the truth and the lightness is always there underneath if you reach for it.

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Energy Reading for February 2019

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In February the static will be high. there will be an onslaught of messages that may or may not be helpful to you. In this period of air energy, thoughts and messages will overrule emotions on the central stage, but the emotions will rise up underneath this cover, causing ructions underneath. It is important not to get too caught up in the narrative, in the constant stream of opinions and arguments. You know in your heart where your truth lies. Only by following that pull can you find your balance in this very heady energy. As you stand on the cusp of a new beginning, a new emotional landscape that will lead you on a different path to the one you expected, fear is rife. This process brings you up close and personal with both the new, and with the shadows that have been plaguing you through this large-scale clearing process.

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