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Channelled from The Light Circle

The potential for the new is high in this first month of 2019.  This is a January with dramatic shifts that usher in the potential for change in a mindful and determined way.  Whereas the eclipses of last summer brought in huge waves of change through dismantling, this set of eclipses offers you the opportunity to build, using the Capricorn energy of construction rather than deconstruction. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to set your intentions and to create from your heart in the way that you have so far been too afraid to do. 

As the Earth has been shifting, transmuting, shimmering through different timescales and realities, it has felt very destabilising. Many long-term dreams have been put off until later, when life feels more steady.  This steadiness belongs to a time gone by.  It would provide unstable foundations for any project launched in its image, because it is no longer of the structure of your energy, your blueprint, your path.  To create something strong, you can now manifest through dynamic change and shift, through taking opportunities in the moments that they fly past you, offering you a portal to a more aligned and fast-moving timeline. 

Change is always your prerogative to grasp or to leave standing. There will be many opportunities if this is not the right one for you however, for those who are ready, this moment of potential is staggering and ground-breaking in its opportunity and scope to create the new.  This moment offers not just the opportunity to launch in a positive energy, it offers a moment of understanding that will help you to grasp the process of manifestation with a clarity that belongs with the new energy.   


The process of manifesting is changing along with the structures of your society.  You need to manifest from a point of movement, not from a place of stuckness.  Manifest from an understanding that you can only create from your present moment, and can only manifest what is right for the time of birth.  There is no forever.  There is no guarantee that anything will be the same in a small or large number of years.  The pace of change is increasing so dramatically that only those who are ready to morph, to adjust, and to continually transform will find a smooth path through the jungle. 

And a jungle it is.  It is a jungle so lush with vegetation, living creatures and rich weather that growth can be spectacular or it can be smothered.  If your experience feels like the latter, look at what you are striving for.  Have your dreams fallen out of alignment with the way life is moving? Are your assumptions better rooted in the past than in the fertile soil of the present? Are you longing for a life that is based on the realities of dimensions that lie in your linear past rather than your present moment?

These traps are always easy to fall into.  It is natural because they present you with an image of what is comfortable and known.  They show you where you have come from, but re-frame it in an image that makes it appear better than the past.  It is like a mirage in the desert, because trying to root an out-of-date reality in the soil of 2019 is as fruitful as digging in the ever moving sands.  As long as you hang onto these ideas that are refusing to take root, you pull yourself back into the increasing harshness of that arid, sandy landscape.  As others move from the bleak into the fertile, you will find your own reality shrinking in size and in possibility until the lush trees and grasses finally lure you to take a chance in the wild and unpredictable jungle. 


If you are already exploring the chaotic, rich and life-filled jungle, you are ready to make the most of the fertile portals of opportunity that are opening up around you.  Open your mind and your heart because the possibilities are greater than you have yet realised.  Do not restrict your thinking. Do not back yourself into corners or burn down avenues of which you haven’t yet recognised the value.  Keep as many options open as you can and follow your heart where it leads in the moment.  In this way, you will be able to make the most of the opportunities as they arise, and before they drift away into the current of the collective energy. 

Hold your ideas in your heart and ask for inspiration.  You can do this around the eclipses, but you can also have a period of manifestation, beginning with the new year and lasting throughout the eclipse window and spreading out into 2019. 

Be mindful of what you want. Focus on potential rather than restriction.  Look for the joy in your life as it stands right now, and allow what no longer serves to drift away.  Open to inspiration every day, every hour, every moment that you remember.  Open to the wisdom that lies in your heart, and to the channel that links you to your own divinity and to the guidance and support that is there for anyone who chooses to accept it. 

January is undoubtedly a month that can bring opportunity or frustration, dramatic change or stagnation.  It will reflect your own approach to your future, to your past, to the institutions that surround you and to beliefs about what could become real.  Build the world in the image of your heart, not your past.  Focus on all the openness and creative impulses that you can and allow your future to unfold as you manifest each moment, in the moment.


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  1. So happy I’ve found your site and your readings. I often feel isolated from the world, as it is, these days, because I’m a big believer in self help, which does not always manifest itself as and when I’d like it to. Often a lonely journey but well worth the experience . Namaste 😇😇😇

    1. Post

      Thank you, Patricia, I’m so glad you find my readings helpful. I’m sorry that you feel isolated. There’s a big spiritual community on social media, which can be a great way to find like-minded people. I don’t know if you’ve ever given that a go?

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