Energy Reading for December 2018

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Channelled from The Light Circle. 

December is a culmination, as many patterns reach their end point and move forward.  There is much letting go still taking place.  There is much release. Although things may be beginning to feel more stable, there is some friction about the way in which things move forwards that may be unexpected. 

This is a time when it would be beneficial to take a step back, to look at the way you really want to move forward, and to avoid getting caught up in the emotional turmoil and miscommunication that can be rife at this time. 

It is always your choice how much you buy into the false narratives that surround you.  It is always your choice whether you let go or hold on to the past with a death-grip.  It is always your choice how you face the circumstances that lie ahead of you. 

There are many opposing forces in the world right now, those who want to move to any number of past moments, to recreate a future on the foundation of old patterns that are no longer in-date.  The future lies in recognising that the old patterns are done.  The future lies in making new ways forward that honour the new energies and have their root in love and compassion. 

There is much cruelty on display at this time, and yet this is noticeable because it is balanced out by an ever-increasing wave of compassion and fair-mindedness that stands against the old patterns as they try to reassert themselves once more. 

Always hold to what you feel in your heart is the right thing.  Always hold to the truth as you feel it, not from a place of fear, but from a perspective of moving forwards to something new. 


You are being called to be more adaptable than ever before.  You have been prepared for this by many decades of change, and yet the changes you are now being called to make are rocking many people to their core. 

Remember that there are always other ways forwards.  You can accept the death of the past, without accepting a future that feels misaligned.  Once again, I say you do not have to accept the false promises and rhetoric that are holding sway and dominating the air-waves at this time.  The truth is there, whether it is acknowledged or not.  The truth will come out and will be recognised for what it is. If you live by your own truth, rather than relying on the promises and fears of others, then you will always hold to your own light and your own best future. 

This is not a time to look for saviours.  This is not a time to hand over your moral system and to ‘just believe’.  This is a time to reconnect deeply with your heart and your intuition and with your own connection to the Universe. This will always lead you in your right direction. 

There is so much miscommunication right now.  There is so much fear, so much anger about the ways things are moving. Reality is an ever-shifting concept that is experienced very differently by many people on your planet.  As the energies change, people develop in different directions and realities become more polarised.  This is leading to many of the divisions in your world, which are creating a great deal of conflict and unhappiness. There is a process needed, whereby people come to the point of realising that they cannot control everything, that the ways of the past are no longer applicable and that they cannot manifest based on their own desired predictions.  Instead, manifestation comes from tuning into the energies around you and finding your own light, your own best way forwards.  You can only manifest that which is a potential path for you.  You cannot force something that has already ended. 


There is so much change at this time, so much shifting and adapting.  This can be comfortable or uncomfortable based on your perspective and individual experiences, however, know that things will not always pan out how you expect.  Be prepared for reactions and results that you have not seen before.  Be prepared for outcomes that may seem surprising, and that lead you in different directions to anything you have encountered in the past.  Many old behaviours are arising at this time.  However, these old behaviours do not lead to old results. Instead they are promoting an explosion of new energies that create new ways forward from the ashes of the institutions that are crumbling. 

There is no mileage in sticking to the past.  The most comfortable way forward lies in visioning from your heart and remaining open to radical transformation that takes you beyond the future you have imagined for yourself. 

The possibilities on the table are boundless, both in their opportunity for bliss and for discomfort.  Which way you go is, in part, dictated by how ready you are to embrace change and to move with the new energies as they arise. 

Focus on how you could make this transformation glorious for you and yours.  Focus on how you can harness the new to create something unbelievable. Know that the old restrictions no longer apply to you, but neither do the old rules of climbing to the top of the tower. Now the routes are boundless, endless, and unimaginable. Hold your end point in mind and fire at it with your burning arrow.  Allow it to turn what you no longer need to dust.  Allow your new phoenix to be born from the ashes of what you have left behind.  The new is coming whether you want it or not.  Tune into it, welcome it and choose how to bring it into your life. 


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