Energy Reading for December 2018

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December is a culmination, as many patterns reach their end point and move forward. There is much letting go still taking place. There is much release. Although things may be beginning to feel more stable, there is some friction about the way in which things move forwards that may be unexpected. This is a time when it would be beneficial to take a step back, to look at the way you really want to move forward, and to avoid getting caught up in the emotional turmoil and miscommunication that can be rife at this time.
It is always your choice how much you buy into the false narratives that surround you. It is always your choice whether you let go or hold on to the past with a death-grip. It is always your choice how you face the circumstances that lie ahead of you. There are many opposing forces in the world right now, those who want to move to any number of past moments, to recreate a future on the foundation of old patterns that are no longer in-date. The future lies in recognising that the old patterns are done. The future lies in making new ways forward that honour the new energies and have their root in love and compassion.

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