Energy Reading for November 2018

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Channelled from The Light Circle

For this reading I have used the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans, published by Llewellyn Publications,U.S and available on Amazon


November is about endings and beginnings, beginnings and endings.

It is a moment where cycles are highlighted, some reaching conclusion, others beginning. Do not be surprised if this brings up waves of emotion that you may not have expected. You may be surprised by grief you thought you had processed, fears you thought you had left behind, and excitement that you didn’t see coming.

This is a time when change may seem easy, inevitable and unstoppable, or it may seem looming and difficult, like wading through treacle. Whichever of these feels true for you, will depend on your own personal work at this time however, either way, change is rife, change is important, change will move you forward into the next stage of your existence and your reality.

Reality is subjective. Reality is what you have come to understand as real in your lifetime and lifestyle as you know it. Reality is what you have seen happen in the past, what feels possible to you within the framework of your own experience. New realities are arising all the time and, whilst in the past you may have been better suited to ignore them, now they draw you in with a persistent pull. You are no longer able to stick rigidly with what has been. This past reality is no longer in existence for you and cannot be accessed. Instead, a range of possibilities, realities and choices lie in front of you. These can take you forward into any number of potential futures, depending on your own perception, your own choice and your own joy.

Your willingness to embrace change with joy is, in fact, an indicator of your future progress and happiness. These changes may seem difficult, they may seem unusual, they may seem to be taking you in a direction is that you had never imagined. However they are a part of your path and lead you to the next stage of your own development. As such, they are valuable and can be greeted with joy and expectation.


There is much to come that may be unexpected, that may be different to the way that you have perceived your current trajectory. When you look at your situation, both on a global and a personal level, you have your own preconceptions about how this path will come to pass. On the way you may encounter roadblocks, you may encounter new possibilities, new potentials that you had not imagined. This is the way of your immediate future. The world, Gaia, calls on you to discover the depth and breadth of your own adaptability, your own willingness to adventure into the unknown. It is time to expand your perceptions of the reality that could be yours and of the growth and learning that you can accomplish through walking your very own path.

This is not a time for closing down options, or for viewing your future as a narrow road from which you will not drift. Instead it is a time of digging into your reactions to the opportunities and changes that come to pass in your life, because they direct you to the future that you chose before your current incarnation. Dig deep. Search wide. There is no limit to how deep or how far you can go in this lifetime if you choose to truly embrace the opportunities that come up for you. Do not limit your sense of the possibilities you would welcome. Until the moment you see them appear, you cannot truly imagine how you may react to these potentials, to these new futures that may arise. This is a time of growth, of transformation beyond your wildest imaginings. This is a time of opportunity, potential, new roads and progress that you would not previously have seen as a part of your own reality.

Open your eyes to the glory of what lies ahead of you and the multitude of possibilities and realities that you could embrace.

Close your eyes to see the depth and breadth of possibilities that lie within you, that you can embrace in your progression and in your own transformational process.


This is a unique moment where these two forces of deep transformation and broad opportunities come together to form a bright light of healing, of spark, of the ability to move forward into the world in a new way. Your old structures are diminishing in effectiveness, in stability. Stop if you feel as though you are hitting your head against a brick wall. Instead, consider why you still stand in front of this wall. What could you do that might be different, that might lead you to a different outcome, to a different world altogether? How can you embrace the possibilities that lie in front of you, which you may not have seen whilst fighting for your rigid expectations?

These last few months have been difficult for many and this can lead to a tensing into the body and into the emotional reactions. This can lead to an inability to truly hear your inner guidance, which will always lead you in your own best direction.

Give yourself a chance to breathe into what lies ahead of you. Give yourself a chance to welcome in the new that lies just beyond your vision, but is nonetheless there for the taking. Allow what is old to drift away, because it has no fit place in your future and will only hold you back.

You can be at one with your future and with the path that lies before you. You can manifest and create the reality in which you want to exist but, to do this, you need to be prepared to embrace the new beginnings and to let go of that which no longer serves. This is a big lesson in your earth world and is one that has plagued those in third density for a long time.

You are the brave few who lead the way to let go of this paradigm and to embrace a new future where change is of your very being. You will learn to adjust to the continually adapting energy flows that surround you. Energy is life. Energy is change. There is no life without change and to fight this transformation only holds you in a state of stagnation. It is always your choice to enter this holding state, and to remain there for as long as you choose, and yet, this is a most uncomfortable place to be. As the energies speed up and transform with the shifts that are happening globally and personally, you will find this place of stagnation to be more and more uncomfortable.

Understand, release, transform, this is the way into the future and it will lead you to a greater joy than you have yet anticipated.


For information on the tarot deck, please see above. 

Other pictures are from, reference numbers: 50004560, 63288140 and 72510565. 

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