Energy Reading for October

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Channelled from The Light Circle. 

This month is all about taking charge of your own destiny in the light of the alterations that have taken place in the life you live on a daily basis. For many of you, your day-to-day existence has changed substantially. This may have been disorientating, may have been a bigger shift than any you have experienced in recent times. And yet, although this has been challenging, it has also freed you to approach your world in ways that you would not before have accomplished.

This is your new beginning. It will be what you make of it. Are you ready to take control of your own actions, take control of your own desires and dreams and to attempt to bring them into reality? There are no guarantees. This has been highlighted in these recent months, and though you may have chosen to manifest, it may not have come out as you had hoped. Know that what has come to you, what you have created, is your greatest good and is leading you forwards on your path. Know that your dreams have not gone, they are merely being altered and re-formed in the fires of transformation. This is a fork in the road, if you will. It is a change of path for some, others will realise that the path still lies ahead, and for a further group there will be a jump onto a new road altogether.

Have a look at your dreams. Do they stand proud after the trials that you have been through in these past months and years? Do they still feel relevant, aligned to you? You are now a new version of yourself and you must choose anew, from the perspective of all you have learned. You may take these dreams forward or decide to leave them behind. Choosing either path is an act of manifestation. It is an act of choosing your own destiny, acknowledging your greatest good in this moment and choosing what to allow into your energy field.


Choose from love. What you call in from a place of alignment, of feeling and of intuition will move you forward in the direction you chose when you incarnated into this life. Choosing from a place of fear is more likely to bring you into a place of fear and to extend this emotion further into your life. I’m not saying this is easy.  Fear is prevalent in your world, and for those of you who are sensitive, these emotional white water rapids can be hard to navigate. 

Know that this lesson is being highlighted right now because it is so important to your health, your well-being, your development. What is this decision that you are examining right now? What are the influences you are exposed to and are surrounding yourself with? Are they improving your ability to deal with this decision or making it harder? Are you creating enough space to listen to your own inner voice, to focus on what you know in your heart to be true?

The harder this feels right now, the more your higher-self is pushing you to address the lesson of self-trust, of flow, of believing that the information inside you is worth listening to.  Outside situations can feel so pressing that they tempt you to forget the insight you have inside when you are able to find enough peace and calm to listen.  This is how the fear works.  It feeds itself, multiplying until it becomes more and more unmanageable in your mind. 

In Libra season you have a divine moment to find your balance before you plunge into the watery intensity of Scorpio.  This moment is your right. Make sure you claim it.  Find this balance of thought, of physicality, of spirituality.  Claim this space where you are able to find yourself so that you can move further and transform later in the month.  This is your cycle.  This is your process. This is the cosmic climate that surrounds you and supports your development.


Fear is not bad. It should not be demonised. There is nothing wrong with feeling the fear and experiencing what it has to offer you, but your charge right now is to take a step back and look at that fear with a balanced eye.  See where it is leading you right, and where it is taking you down a wrong path.  See it as a signpost towards your path, an indication of what you need to work on, and what you need to leave behind.  This fear is a wonderful tool for you to use, to feel what needs to be felt, and then to release.  Do not forget how powerful you can be when you come truly into your own energy, into your own power, into your own ability to manifest and create your own reality.  This is where you can put your focus right now. This is what will lead you to the understanding of how to manifest in this dynamically changing energetic environment.

The only constant is change.  Harness the change that has been coming to you in ever increasing waves.   Ride it, flow with it, see how you can use these ground-breaking opportunities to flow into new timelines, new realities, new opportunities. 

You have the choice.  You can work with the fear, or you can allow it to pull you under.  You can balance the scales or let one side sink under the imbalanced weight.  It is all your choice, your opportunity, your path and you can walk it as fast or as slowly as you choose.  Do you have the courage to try?

I used the Tarot of the Elves by Mark McElroy with artwork by David Corsi. Published by Lo Scarabeo and available from Amazon

Other pictures are from, 63967103, 34389047 and 46510488. 

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