Mabon thoughts from pagan photographer Kim Griffin

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Slowly a dying hush like a blanket of mist falls across a sleepy earth. The descending darkness embraces the great mother and sleep calls her, whispering on an autumn breeze. Trees bow down as she passes, a last blaze of finery and coppery gold leaves slip gently floating to the ground, a patchwork of a fading summer.


The best time of the year for me is Autumn. A time to go inwards and reflect on the past year - roaring fires and darkness. Evenings lit by glowing candles and reading ghost stories. Walking in a silent woodland, leaves crunching underfoot and the smell of the earth's sleep. Spindly spiky boughs over head, ghost-like against grey skies, always beautiful, somehow more evocative than summer.

Kim Griffin, 2ndsightpics

I am 58 years old married to Alan for 32 years. I have a stepson who is 41 and a Border Terrier – Flossie who is my world. I grew up in Essex a place I love. I love the people, their sense of humour and the very well turned out ladies! I slop around in anything that is comfy! My home is the countryside and I have a second home by the Sea. I am happiest in nature with Floss and my camera.

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